Be conscious! Whatever you do, do it consciously. And I insist: whatever you do! I don’t tell you that you have to do certain things and not others, no. Just be aware of everything you do and, a little at a time, your every action will make you more dry. You will learn to be detached, because detachment is a consequence of awareness “.

– Osho

Each of us is somewhat familiar with those situations in which we find ourselves lined up at the supermarket checkout and in front of us there are a dozen people with a full trolley.

The wait seems endless , a lady clashing in hand disputes the non-discount on detergent, a credit card that does not work , coins that are not found, children who scream and the time that slips away relentlessly .

In situations like these, even the most calm and peaceful person in the world may lose patience .

But would it help ?

Is it worth getting irritated and impatient in situations like the one just described?

The answer, if you think about it, is NO , but from here to being able not to lose patience the road is really long.

Here are some practical tips to keep your frenzy at bay and avoid getting impatient even in apparently more unnerving situations .

1. Be aware of the moment.

We often lose patience because our mind is constantly projected towards the future .

Instead, try to become aware of every single moment of your life.

Live the present.

It doesn’t matter if you are queuing at the post office or lying relaxing on the beach, every single moment of your life is a precious treasure .

2. Train your patience.

Practice being calmer and less hectic .

Try to sit for 10 minutes without doing absolutely anything : it seems a simple exercise but for many it is not because after 1-2 minutes the impatience and frenzy seem to have the upper hand.

Try taking a walk and walking slower than usual, try eating your lunch chewing more slowly than you normally do.

3. Meditate.

Meditation allows you to calm your mind and develop more patience.

Try it whenever you can, you will soon have significant benefits .

4. Slow down.

The chaotic nature of our days often imposes frenetic rhythms that transmit only tension , stress and impatience.

Don’t try to go faster than the world around you.

In fact, set an example and try to be the first to slow down.

Eliminate unnecessary activities from your calendar, redefine your goals and priorities , start really relaxing.

5. Counts up to 10 … or up to 100!

As trivial as it is, this suggestion has often proved useful in my experience.

It is very simple to put into practice and often works .

Whenever a situation is about to make you lose patience, simply try closing your eyes and counting to 10 (or up to 100 if necessary!).

This will allow you to at least partially relieve the tension and anger that you have built up.

6. Breathe.

The simple and delicate act of breathing is extraordinary in its effects.

If you feel tense or impatient, take a deep breath, feel the air slip into your lungs and welcome the flow of serenity that follows.

Visualize the tension that comes out of your body together with your breath and embrace the sense of calm  that gently begins to envelop you.

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