Understanding Miracles According to Language and Terms and Examples

Understanding Miracles According to Language and Terms and Examples  – We know that these miracles are only owned by the prophets and messengers of Allah SWT. Miracles occur only in times of need, for example to defend yourself against unbelievers. In the Qur’an and the hadith of the prophet, the word miracle is called averseorburhanwhich means clear information or evidence. As is his word in theQS. An-Nisa verse 174.

It means: ” O people, verily you have come to prove the truth from your Lord. (Nuhannad with its miracles), and We have sent down to you the bright light (the Qur’an) “.

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  • 1Definition of Miracles According to Language and Terms and Examples
    • 1Definition of miracles according to language and terms
    • 2Characteristics of Miracles
    • 3Examples of Miracles
    • 4Kinds of Miracles
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Understanding Miracles According to Language and Terms and Examples

Let’s discuss the understanding carefully first.

Understanding Miracles By Language And Terms

The following will explain the complete understanding of miracles along with examples and types of miracles.

Understanding miracles according to language is something that weakens or defeats. While the understanding of miracles according to the term is something extraordinary that happened to the prophets and messengers of Allah SWT, in order to prove that he is a prophet and apostle. Miracles are extraordinary events that cannot be accepted by human reason and are not possessed by anyone because Allah Almighty only gave them as an advantage to His messengers to prove the truth of his prophecy and apostleship.

The Characteristics of Miracles

  • A very extraordinary event.
  • Derived from Allah SWT.
  • Cannot be reasoned by human reason.
  • It happens suddenly without any element of intent.
  • It happens to a prophet and apostle.
  • As a proof of the truth of God’s teachings.
  • Useful to weaken the evidence or refutation of infidels who deny it.


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Examples of Miracles

Examples of miracles given to the prophet Ibrahim as. when burned by king Namrud. The hot fire turns cold. Or when the red sea can be split when the prophet Musa (as) was instructed by Allah to smash his staff over the sea water. Likewise with the prophet Muhammad Muhammad SAW, can divide the moon into two parts, so that it is visible from all countries when the event occurred.

This miracle cannot be imitated by anyone and cannot be defeated by anything, even though all beings unite to fight it. Because miracles are very extraordinary events and can only occur by the will of God.

A kind of miracle

When viewed from its nature, miracles are divided into two kinds namely miracles of hissiyah and maknawiyah miracles .

Miracles of Hissiyah or Kauniyah – These are miracles that can be seen, felt, heard and touched. This miracle can also be called sensory or material miracle because it can be touched, seen, heard and felt by the human senses. Hissiyah miracles are impermanent, meaning that only applies to the time of certain prophets. Almost all the miracles of the previous prophet were a type of hissiyah miracles.

Maknawiyah or Aqliyah Miracles – Maknawiyah miracles are miracles that cannot be seen, heard, felt, smelled, or touched. This miracle can only be understood and known by people who are of sound mind, are virtuous and have good feelings. One of them is the Qur’an. All the scriptures that Allah gave to the previous apostles, almost none were original, meaning that there have been many changes due to human disbelief. However, the Qur’an has been guaranteed by Allah SWT. for its purity until the end of time.

In addition, not everyone wants to receive guidance from the Qur’an. Only those who believe have the ability to accept the truth of the Qur’an. The nature of this miracle is eternal and will not change.


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