How to understand a fellow drunk?

Love is formed when two people match their minds. The two are committed to staying together for a lifetime. However, the relationship that will last a lifetime after marriage is not. But there are many who are involved in other things after marriage. There are some reasons, though. However, this extra relationship once led to divorce. Although there are many reasons behind the divorce, paranoia seems to be one of the reasons. Therefore, if the partner is addicted to the alien while having time, it should be removed. However, one must understand whether the partner is addicted to the alien. So let’s know the signs that the partner is addicted to alien-


If you are addicted to an alien, your partner will neglect you. So be careful whether your partner is neglecting you. If you are neglectful of your partner, you will understand that he or she is addicted to someone else. It may be an alien.

Addicted to mobile or internet

Spend more time with your partner than on mobile? Of course keep track of how much time he is spending behind the mobile. If he is busy with the phone, messaging or browsing the Internet while sitting or walking together – then this is definitely an indication of another relationship.


One of the reasons for the alien is Facebook. Through this, many people become involved with others. So keep an eye on the level of addiction to not only phones, but also Facebook or other communication media.


If the partner spends less time with the family, this can be considered a sign. Take great care of your partner’s daily activities. If you realize that you are getting less time than before, try to understand how he is spending that extra time.

The excuse

If your partner shows excuses for reasons, you must understand that this is a symptom of alienation. Talk about giving him time, talk about watching TV together, inviting him to go around, giving time to relatives and family friends. If he does not show you the excuse, try to know if the excuse is true.

Fold yourself

If the partner begins to withdraw himself from family and friends for free, he may assume that he is engaged in alienation.

No new name

If you hear a new name frequently in your partner’s mouth, you can take it as a sign of alienation.

Anger unnecessarily

Angering without reason, or always irritating is one of the signs of an alien. Notice, is he angry at things your partner did not provoke? Or are you, in your words, calling your bridal life a curse? If this happens, then he understands that he is an alien.

Physical relationships

If your partner is showing indifference with you, you may consider this to be a sure sign of alienation. The one who is indifferent to you while you spend time with others will tell you all about his words.

Extra caution about phones

Many take the phone to the bathroom. It can be someone’s habit. But suddenly the partner is trying to hide the phone from you. Maybe there is something on his phone that he does not want to show you. It may be a symptom of alienation.

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