If you do this in the morning, the skin will always be soft

External dust and unconscious eating can ruin the skin’s softness. With the appearance of a sacrificial line on the skin. You know, a morning job is enough to get rid of this problem. If you do this, the skin will be softened forever. Bolirekhao will be removed. Surely you want to know what the job is? Don’t be late, but let’s find out.

The necessary ingredients

Seven teaspoons of tea leaves, 12 drops of lemon juice, 3 liters of water.

How to create  

First, burn 5 liters of water in a container in the oven with tea leaves. Make a medium-sized darkening of the tea liqueur. Now let it cool down. When cold, add lemon juice to it. Then pour the mixture into the ice tray and let it freeze, leaving it in the refrigerator. If possible, do this overnight. The ice will freeze well overnight.

Method of use

Get up in the morning and wash your face first. Natural skin can be cleaned with a scrubber if desired. Then knead two pieces of ice cream in a cotton cloth. Now, rub it gently on the skin until it melts.

Carefully rub the bottom of the eye well. The swelling and black spots below the eyes will be mostly removed. Then wash your face thoroughly with cold water. Wipe face moisturizer and sunscreen. Now you can use other cosmetics on the skin to get out.


> The tea liqueur contains antiaging ingredients. Which eliminates the impression of skin age and increases the brightness of the skin like magic.

> Lemon is a natural bleaching agent. It helps to remove various spots on the skin. Moreover, the oil on the skin helps to relieve the feeling.

> If your skin is extra dry skin, mix 1 tablespoon olive oil in the mixture before freezing. This will eliminate the dryness of the skin.

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