An easy way to remove stomachache

There are various types of laser or surgery treatments to remove blisters on the skin. However, there are fears of side effects. Also, different types of cosmetics can be the opposite. However, it is possible to remove these spots only with some natural ingredients. In many cases, even if the stain is not completely removed, it will blend in with the natural color of the skin. Let’s find out about the natural ways to remove stomachache –

The white part of the egg

Beat the egg whites well except the saffron. Now, rub it on the stretch mark. After keeping it for 5 minutes, wash it with warm water. Then place the aloe vera gel on the stain. You will see that the spots will gradually become lighter.

Potato juice

Potato juice is very useful for any skin problem. Sprinkle potato juice over the stretch mark. Wash when dry. This way, after a few weeks of care, the stretch mark marks will rise.

Yellow and mustard oil

Make a thick mixture by mixing turmeric and mustard oil together. Then apply it on the stretch mark. Stretch mark stains will be added once in a week.

Lemon and sugar

Slice the lemon and add the sugar over it. Now rub the lemon with the sugar on the stretch mark. When the sugar is melted, wash it well. Stretch marks will be lightened if you do this procedure 3 times a week.

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