Types of consumers

Each person is unique in the different aspects of their existence. The consumption habits are also the manifestation of a lifestyle.

Online shopper

Electronic commerce evolves at high speed offering new opportunities to those who prioritize the convenience of placing your order from home, waiting to receive it at home in a short time frame. Some people carry out most of the procedures online, avoiding moving to the point of sale in the physical store.


The informed buyer

Some clients consult different references and sources of opinion about the products of the catalog and the stores to make the final decision on what to buy and where with their own criteria. This consumer profile is one that invests a significant part of its time in documenting this matter before placing the order.


Faithful clients

In such a competitive market, businesses perform different actions to achieve this degree of closeness with people. Loyal consumers are those who value the confidence of making the purchase in a specific store. They do not consider this aspect secondary but principal. The brand is very important for this customer profile, but also, the quality of the treatment and personalized communication.


Consumers of neighborhood stores

Although online commerce is the present and large stores are also an important competition for small businesses, many customers continue to run daily errands in the environment near their home. Points of sale that revitalize the streets, generate jobs and have a different pause to that which is lived in large areas, where at certain times, there may be crowds of people.



Consumers looking for offers

People who not only during the sale period but also in the usual calendar, are especially attentive to those buying opportunities in which they identify a unique occasion for savings for the price of the offer. The cost of the item is one of the aspects that most influences the final decision to obtain this product in the store. Due to the peculiarity of this circumstance, this type of customer makes the purchase without a long process of reflection because the very immediacy of this image leads the protagonist to complete his wish.

The illusion produced by the encounter with this acquired novelty is greater from this price differentiation.

The undecided

The professionals who work in the store may find themselves in the situation of advising a client who is constantly hesitant since he enters through the door and leaves the place in the same way. People who dedicate time to see different products in the catalog but do not decide on any option because they also do not seem to be clear about their priority in relation to this purchase. A different profile from that of a person who has determination in relation to what he wants and devotes few minutes to select his idea.

Therefore, there are different types of consumers. The same person may have adopted different roles on different occasions.


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