What is unfair competition

There are market spaces in which the level of competition is very high. A circumstance that creates a complexity added to the evolution of an entrepreneurship initiative. This look at alterity is not always part of a scenario in which different actors establish their strategy on equal terms. This is shown by the negative effect of competition that can be identified as unfair. A type of activity that by its own characteristics is not allowed.

Illegal competition

They exercise this form of competition those that operate from the maximum that affirms that the end justifies the means. From an ethical point of view, a positioning of these characteristics can find its presentation in a form of deception or distortion of information. A clear example of what should not be done at the human level, or at the commercial level.

An initiative that operates under the coordinates of this procedure focuses its attention solely on its interests, but does not take into account the negative effect that it can produce with its actions to other businesses. Competition is a positive feature for both clients and entrepreneurs who seek their excellence while fulfilling their obligations and responsibilities.



But not everything is allowed in the market. This is the line that separates what is right from the opposite reference of examples that are not aligned with the practice of good. A virtue that is also the horizon of creativity and freedom. Another example of a dishonest act that can be framed in this field of behavior is the transmission of professional information considered until then as a secret.

Every project seeks to differentiate itself from licit competition. But he feels especially vulnerable to those initiatives that are not classified in this type of approach because they do not start from the same level of reality. The illegal actions are those that generate a single no inappropriate effect on the market, customers also condition.

Unfair advertising

Marketing is a main aspect of a business that communicates its potential to society. But the message and tone used in a campaign may not be allowed as in the case of illegal advertising that damages the name of a company or a professional.

What to do in a case of unfair competition

This break with the legal framework may be the cause for which an entity decides to defend itself by the legal route of an event of this type. The fear of the potential uncertainty of the future is a constant in a changing environment like the current one.

A fear that can also describe the response by those who try to defend themselves against a threat with the immediate strategy of lowering prices significantly to arouse public interest. A descent that can endanger the sustainability of the catalog itself. This measure further aggravates the situation as it does not defend its own interests but is a reactive response that increases fragility. Legal advice is decisive to find the best solution.

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