Types of Environmental Pollution

Humans are responsible for one of the main and major environmental problems such as environmental pollution that alters and transforms the environment by solid, liquid and gaseous substances or agents. The pollution of the environment causes other environmental problems that impact the natural environment, living beings and the quality of life of societies.

There are many types of environmental pollution and pollutants that are altering and destroying the quality of the main renewable natural elements such as air, water, soil, flora and fauna.

The main types of pollution are:

Air or atmospheric , product of greenhouse gases and fossil fuels that transform the quality of the air and the atmosphere of the planet.

Of the water , product of domestic, industrial, agricultural, agricultural, mining, economic, social and environmental activities that alter the quality of the bodies of water of the planet by solid waste and liquid substances.

Of the soil , product of human activities that by solid waste and chemical substances degrade the productivity and fertility of the soil or land resource.

Of the flora and fauna , product of the pollution of the air, water and soil that cause the death of animal and plant species such as the biological diversity of the planet.

Acoustic or sound , caused by any excessive noise in a given environment that disturbs the tranquility and harmony of living in peace.

Radioactive or nuclear , product by radioactive and nuclear substances that alter and destroy the environment.

Chemistry , product of agents or chemical substances that impact on living beings and the environment.

Genetics , that which identifies the genes of species in an uncontrolled population or habitat.

Electromagnetic , product of the electropolution by electromagnetic equipment that pollutes the environmental environment.

Biological , that caused by microorganisms viruses, fungi, bacteria and diversity of living beings.

Diffuse , is caused by air and water pollution from a non-point source.

Point source , caused by a solid, liquid and gaseous agent from a certain point of the environment.

Light , caused by the excessive amount of artificial night lights.

Visual , caused by the amount of advertising signs that prevent the visibility of any object in a given place.

Thermal , caused by high or low temperature that alters the quality of air and water.

There are many types of environmental pollution, but it is also important to know the main enemies that give rise to these pollution and among the pollutants we have:

  • Carbon dioxide.
  • Sulfur dioxide
  • Carbon monoxide.
  • Fossil fuels.
  • Phosphates
  • Pesticides or Pesticides
  • Other toxic and harmful greenhouse gases.

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