Turbo Overkill cheat codes and console commands

Turbo Overkill is a frantic, action-packed and completely insane retro first-person shooter where you take on the role of a cyborg hero with a chainsaw attached to his leg and a bloodlust that rivals Doom Killer or Duke Nukem. Publisher Apogee calls it “the wildest FPS ever” and this is one case where the marketing doesn’t lie.

Below we have posted all the cheat codes and console commands for Turbo Overkill. To use cheat codes, you just need to open the console by pressing the ~ key .


Turbo Overkill cheat codes and console commands

  • slomo [value] – Changes the speed of the game, default 1
  • zhenme [value] – Gives you as much money as you enter.
  • sas (also works noclip) – NoClip mode.
  • giveall – Gives all weapons and ammo.
  • neverrunout – Never runs out of ammo.
  • notrigger – Enemies do not react to you.
  • tornado — God mode.
  • hidehud/showhud – Unknown what it’s doing.


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