Soulash cheat codes and console commands

Tired of playing as the main character saving the world? Remember the times when it was good to be evil? In Soulash, you can unleash your berserk rage on pesky NPCs and slaughter them for meat. You will torment mortals with fire and electricity as a powerful warlock. Summon an unlimited army of zombies and skeletons and rot everything in your path as a lich necromancer. And if you prefer the unexpected, you can’t go wrong with a Goblin Inquisitor!


Soulash is a turn-based, heavy-combat roguelike told from a villain’s point of view, where the open world exists only for the pleasure of total destruction. From gnome villages, through dwarven fortresses, to hot deserts, with a huge Capital and the Black Pyramid – everything needs to be conquered, destroyed and filled with blood.

Below is a list of Solash console commands and cheat codes. To use console commands, you must first activate the developer console. To do this, follow these steps:



Enable Developer Console

Follow the path:


C:\Users {UserID}\AppData\Roaming\WizardsOfTheCode\Soulash\data\user_settings.json

As shown in the example below, add the property “debug”: “for_sure”,


“debug”: “for_sure”,

“gameplay”: {

“animations”: {

“on_death”: 54


“autoequip”: true,

“camera_shake”: true


[… rest of the file]


Soulash Cheat Codes and Console Commands

While playing, press the ~tilde key above TAB and type one of the following commands.

  • exp (number) 

Gives experience points. For example, Exp 200 gives you 200 experience points.

  • set_stat (statname) (amount) 

You can use this command to change your character’s statistics. For example, the command “set endurance stats 200” sets your character’s stamina to 200. Works on strength, stamina, agility, intelligence, willpower.

  • teleport x,y,z 

You can use this command to teleport your character to a specific location. If debugging is enabled, you should see a hang in the bottom right corner of the screen.

  • heal

Heals your character.

  • thirst 100 

This command adds a value to the thirst bar.

  • hunger 100

This command adds a value to the hunger bar.

  • time 100 

This command adds a few moves and it can be useful to navigate through the time of day.


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