Fallout 4: Cheat codes and console commands

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Fallout 4: Cheat codes and console commands


Luckily for many players, Fallout 4 supports the use of cheat codes and console commands to help players get things like armor, ammo, weapons, experience, skills, and more more quickly.

Before the players enter the cheat code, you need to open the console. As in many other games, this can be done using the tilde key (~) or the apostrophe key. After that, you can enter one or more cheat codes from the list below and press the (Enter) key to enter.


In the list below you will find all available cheat codes and console commands for Fallout 4:


Fallout 4 cheat codes and console commands

  • caqs 

Completely completes the main quest and ends the game.

  • coc [cell ID] 

Allows you to use teleport.

  • coc qasmoke 

The player is teleported to a special room filled with smoke and containing boxes of armor and other items. To get out of the room, type cow commonwealth 1 1.

  • completeallobjectives [quest id] 

All quest tasks will be completed.

  • completequest [Quest ID] 

Completes the quest instantly.

  • csb 

Removes blood and damage.

  • fov 

Changes FOV to first or third person view.

  • getav CA_affinity 

Find out the proximity level of the active companion to the player character

  • help [element name] [0-4] 

Search through a list of elements, symbols, commands, etc. To scroll, use Page Up and Page Down and enclose the element name with more than one word in quotation marks.

  • killall 

Destroys all enemies in the area, except for the player and comrades, or those NPCs that are important to the story

  • kill [creature ID] 

Kills identified creature; players can also click on an NPC creature or enemy with the console up and type kill.

  • modav CA_affinity [number] 

Adds the chosen number to the affection level of the active companion.

  • player/additem 0000000a [enter number here] 

Increases the number of hairpins for the hairpin to the selected number

  • player / additem 0000000f [number] 

Increases traffic jams to the selected number

  • player.additem [item ID] [number] 

Adds any item in any quantity to the player’s inventory.

  • player.AddToFaction [ Faction ID] [0 or 1] 

Unites the player with the faction; without “player” in the code, this will apply to the selected NPC. 0 – friendly, 1 – allied.

  • player.modav carryweight [number] 

Increases the amount of loot the player can carry.

  • player.modav [skill] [number] 

Increases the player’s skill by any numerical value.

  • player.inv 

Lists all items in the player’s inventory on the console, including ID numbers.

  • player.RemoveFromFaction [Faction ID] 

Removes a player from a faction; without the word player in the code, this will apply to the selected NPC

  • player.resethealth 

Resets the player’s health

  • player.setav [character variable] [number] 

Sets the character attribute to a choice value; will open benefits

  • player.setav speedmult [number] 

Multiplies the player character’s running speed by the selected number.

  • player.setlevel [number] 

Increases the player’s character to the level specified by the number.

  • player.setrace [race ID] 

Allows players to change race; find race ids with help function

  • recycleactor 

Resets a character

  • removefromallfactions 

Removes the selected NPC from all factions.

  • resetquest [Quest ID] 

Resets the quest.

  • resurrect [insert ID] 

Resurrects the identified creature; players can also click on a NPC creature or enemy with the console up and enter resurrect.

  • setally [faction ID] [faction ID] [0 or 1] [0 or 1] :

Force two factions to become friendly or allied. 0 – friendly, 1 – allied.

  • setav CA_affinity [number] 

Sets the active companion’s attachment to the player character to the selected number.

  • setenemy [faction ID] [faction ID] [0 or 1] [0 or 1] 

Force two factions to become neutral or enemies; 0 for neutrals, 1 for enemies

  • setgs fJumpHeightMin [number] 

Changes the height of the jump; Players with high jump heights will take fall damage or die on landing if they are not in God Mode.

  • setscale [number from 1 to 10] 

Increases the size of the player or target

  • set timescale to [number] 

Speeds up or slows down time; 1 – real time, 10 000 – very fast

  • sexchange 

Changes the gender of the player character

  • showlooksmenu player 1 

Unlocks character customization

  • this 

Disables AI

  • tcai 

Disables combat AI.

  • tcl 

Disables collision; allows players to walk through walls

  • tdetect 

Enables AI detection to prevent players from being caught stealing

  • tfc 

Activate free camera

  • tfc 1 

Activate the free camera and stop the animation

  • thm

Activates god mode

  • tm

Turns the menu and user interface on or off, including the console.

  • tmm 0 

Removes/locks every location on the map

  • tmm 1 

Unlocks every location on the map

  • unquipall 

Removes all items from the selected NPC

  • unlock 

Unlocks the selected door or object; players will need to close the console and move their character to find the right spot if they cannot aim the terminal or object with the console up.

Fallout 4 item codes

Now that you’ve seen the list of Fallout 4 cheat codes, let’s talk about a few handy item codes that you might want to use along with your newly discovered commands.

  • 0000000F 

bottle cap

  • 00023736 


  • 0004835F 

Yader-Cola Quantum

  • 0001F669 


  • 000BD56F 

Mini-nuclear installation “Fat Man”

  • 00171B2B 


  • 000DC8E7 


  • 0001F66C 

5 mm ammo

  • 000E6B2E 

Mini nuclear bomb

  • 0018ABE2 

cryo cell


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