Tree Climbing: because climbing trees will make you happy

Have you ever climbed a tree? With tree climbing you can climb trees safely to find joy and well-being. The ‘ tree climbing provides a new contact with nature that gives so much good humor.Tree climbing techniques such as tree climbing with harnesses originated in the United States and later spread to Europe. Also in Italy we find tree climbing schools and instructors who can teach us to climb trees in total safety.

Tree climbing has a double meaning. It can be fun, an alternative pastime among the commitments of daily life, or it can be used professionally for the care and pruning of trees .Agronomy and tree climbing experts can climb trees with special harnesses to take care of the plants. For example, pruning or anchoring of trees to the ground may be necessary. Tree climbing allows you to reach the crown of trees and move safely between branches.

Therefore tree climbing is both a working method for those who take care of trees and a real sport . In the world, national and international tree climbing championships are organized with competitions of skill and speed.Climbing trees requires the development of strength and balance . Tree climbing as a sport and recreational activity has numerous advantages and benefits for those who practice it. These are real gifts that guide us to find a deeper contact with trees as elements of our world.

Here are the main benefits of tree climbing .


It’s a good workout

Doing tree climbing is a good workout to keep your body in shape. It’s not only fun, it’s also a slightly different way to get moving. During climbing all the muscles of the body are used. Unlike other types of training, climbing trees always gives new stimuli and is never boring .

It is good for body and mind

In addition to good body training , climbing trees is a beneficial practice for the mind . When we are in contact with nature we recharge with new energy and we can relax better. If we are afraid of climbing a tree or if we don’t feel like trying tree climbing, we can simply embrace a tree and feel what are the beneficial effects that this simple gesture gives to our spirit.

It is an outdoor sport

Often the commitments of our daily life force us to spend many hours indoors, away from sunlight. The outdoor life is a real boon to health. Usually tree climbing takes place in parks and green areas away from busy roads. And reaching the crown of a tree allows you to admire the surrounding landscape with tranquility and a pinch of amazement.

It’s safe

Better not to improvise in tree climbing. Tree climbing is safe because those who practice it know that there are rules to follow and prohibitions to respect . During tree climbing, helmets and harnesses are worn. The equipment is always checked before use and you climb in the presence of expert instructors.

It gives energy and relaxation

Climbing trees safely is a fun activity that gives our body a lot of energy and helps those who practice it to get excited. After completing the necessary efforts for climbing, the time has finally come to relax. After climbing, you can relax on the lawn or organize a picnic in the park and spend a beautiful day in contact with nature again.

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