Barefooting: all the health benefits of walking barefoot

Walking barefoot habitually, even every day, both at home and outdoors, to enjoy all the benefits that contact with the ground can give. Here is the bare-footing.It is a movement of people who choose not to wear footwear during their normal daily activities. Not wearing shoes and walking only with bare feet is a real life philosophy.

The basic idea is that wearing shoes can remove sensitivity to the feet and that this can cause negative effects on our way of walking and on our posture, with particular reference to the delicate musculoskeletal balance of our body.Wearing shoes, even more if with the heel, would move the center of gravity of our body towards the tips of the feet. Instead, according to barefooting, walking barefoot is very important for our body to find its natural balance .

According to the philosophy of barefooting, wearing shoes weakens the muscles of the feet , prevents their natural and correct movements and ensures that the weight of the body moves towards the forefoot rather than weighing heavily on the heel.Walking with bare feet would have numerous benefits for our health , for our posture and for promoting a correct movement of our body: exercising the muscles of the feet, promoting a correct distribution of the body weight, finding the natural center of gravity, promoting perspiration and blood circulation, up to enjoying a real foot massage very beneficial due to contact with the ground.

We have already reminded you of the reasons why walking barefoot in the house is good for health: it improves balance and posture, strengthens the feet, helps reduce swelling of the legs and prevents swelling of the ankles due to circulation problems. To start, if you rarely walk barefoot, choose your home floor.

Who is afraid of germs and bacteria should not fear anything in reality: you can walk on the freshly washed floor, not to mention that even our shoes, between shoes and slippers, can retain germs and bacteria or other substances, especially in the case in which it is of shoes that we wear outdoors. So here are many more valid reasons to remember to take off your shoes before entering the house.

Not for everyone to decide to walk barefoot, even if only occasionally within the walls of the house, is an easy choice. In fact, the feet are sometimes one of the parts of the body that we tend to take less care of until we forget their extraordinary importance in supporting our body and allowing it to move during the day.

We can summarize the main benefits of walking barefoot :

1) Greater body balance.
2) Stronger musculature of the feet.
3) Recovery of greater stability.
4) Improvement of leg circulation and reduction of swelling.
5) Improvement of posture.
6) Walking barefoot as a natural anti-stress.
7) Beneficial stimulation of the soles of the feet as in foot reflexology.

Science is then investigating some further benefits of walking barefoot, which could mainly concern the reduction of the body’s state of inflammation and the control of blood pressure , with particular reference to the reduction of hypertension.

The stimulation of certain nervous circuits thanks to contact with the ground and the rediscovery of contact with Mother Earth in the form of stability and grounding, not only from a physical but also a psychological point of view, would play an important role. Hence the antistress benefits of walking barefoot, perhaps in a relaxing natural environment.

Furthermore, those who follow Yoga or Pilates are well aware of the importance of barefoot practice , which is always preferable to practice with socks, because it allows complete foot support on the mat or on the floor and because it revives awareness of importance of the role of all the toes, one by one, for our stability.

Walking barefoot is obviously possible with due care to avoid injuring yourself or coming into contact with unwanted substances or objects. Walking barefoot in general is good for everyone and we can try at any time we want, maybe when we are at home or when we walk on a beautiful lawn, at least to start. The advice is to start walking barefoot from time to time to verify the benefits firsthand .

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