5 ways to help animals if you know how to knit, crochet or sew

Can you knit, crochet or sew? Do you like animals? There are many opportunities to transform the ability to use irons and cutting and sewing to help birds, koalas, penguins, kangaroos, dogs and cats in need.Projects can include nests, gloves, baby carriers, blankets, toys and other useful objects to comfort animals in difficult times, when they are in shelters or in rehabilitation. It is not just a matter of spending time and creating nice and original creations for animals, but of a way to intervene directly and really help animals in difficulty.

Here, then, are 5 examples of projects that can be carried out by hand for animals, some still active, others suspended thanks to the sending of the material by generous donors:


Sweaters for penguins (ACTIVE)


When the Penguin Foundation of Phillip Island, Australia, made an appeal to all the “ironers” in the world, because sweaters were needed for the specimens victims of the oil spills or the losses of fishing boats, it was literally invaded.


He now has a good supply of sweaters suitable for rehabilitation purposes and will use excess garments for other centers, to collect donations and also as a teaching tool for students, so that they can learn about the marine environment and the devastating effects of pollution on marine fauna and the environment.

Burnt Koala Gloves (NOT ACTIVE)



One gentleman sent over 4,000 gloves on his own to help the small marsupials being treated with severe burns, especially on their legs, caused by contact with burning trees or escaping through fire. These injuries need treatment with a burn cream and gloves help the healing process, offering additional protection. IFAW has been inundated with aid and many people from all over the world have sent cotton gloves.

Baby carriers for small kangaroos, possums and orphaned wallabies (ACTIVE)


Get the machines out of the sewing. 100% cotton ‘baby carriers’ are needed for kangaroo babies who are left without a mother. The campaign is also of the Ifaw, which after the gloves for the burnt marsupials, asked to sew pouch-like bags to help the puppies of other wild Australian animals, such as possums, kangaroos and wallabies.

Rescuers, in fact, have to change them after feedings, which means that each animal uses up to six per day . Of course, cotton baby carriers can be washed and reused, but it is important to have a large supply as other injured animals are brought to the recovery centers.

Blankets, kennels and toys for abandoned dogs and cats

In addition to the specific projects that we have illustrated so far, it is possible to donate your skills and time to other animals in difficulty, very lively to us. In addition to food donations, shelters and kennels would be better places if they were more comfortable.

A playpen or cage can be a scary place for one and any little comfort can help! Necessary items include blankets, toys, kennels and more. To find models and ideas just a simple Google search. Use your craft skills to help homeless dogs and cats and families.

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