How to trace another computer’s IP address

The IP address (from English Internet Protocol address) is a numerical code that every PC that connects to the network owns and identifies us on the web. This could make one think that an expert person, knowing our IP address, could find out our home address. However for privacy and security reasons this is not possible, or rather, it is possible only in a very limited way.
Instead of the country or the way home, only part of the world from which the connection was made, the country of origin and the city where you live will be visible. As for the city, the chances that we really hit it are very low as those who use a network provider such as Telecom Italia or Fastweb and use a router to connect to the internet will have a unique IP address and will be assigned to cities like Rome and Milan even if it lives in a completely different city.

On this page you can find a list of the best sites to trace the IP address of another computer  and find out if it is Italian or foreign, what it uses to connect and if possible you can also go back to the city.

1) What is my ip address : as soon as you enter the site you will be shown your exact IP address and also the state, the region, the city displayed in a geography map and the provider used. To trace the IP of another computer you must enter the group of 4 numbers from 0 to 255 separated by a dot (for example: in the search box at the top right and then press the Search button . Even the site itself, after completing the search, states that it cannot be used to find someone’s exact physical or for other purposes that would require 100% accuracy.

2) :  also in this case you enter the IP address that you have available in the empty text field and perform a search. The search will be based on a certain range of IP and you will be shown the correct result, according to the site.

3) IP Address :  you must enter the IP address inside the empty bar and click on the Reverse IP button, then scroll the page and at the bottom you can view the data found. 4) Show IP :  

 after three foreign sites they offer you another in Italian. Also this site claims that the geolocation of an IP number is not an exact science and that it is based on a large database that is not always correct, the estimated accuracy percentage is around 60%. He also says that some large companies often have an internal network and a single exit point on the internet, and the site is able to detect only the last link made public.

Even attackers can’t find us through the exact IP address. Who can trace us are only the provider who offers us the internet connection and the judicial authorities .

On the other hand, if we wanted to do research to find the location of a specific IP address, we must take into account that the city is often wrong and that the IP address can be easily changed using a proxy such as TOR to surf anonymously without being traced.

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