How to print a web page without advertisements or unnecessary images

How to print the content of a web page of a website without unnecessary symbols and images to save the printer cartridge.

If you find yourself on a page of a website that you consider interesting to the point of wanting to keep it in paper format, I advise you not to click immediately on the print button because this is one of the main causes of premature end of the cartridges. Pages, pages and pages that are perfectly useless will start to come out of your printer because they do not only contain what you wanted but many other things related to the graphics of the site such as the menu, advertising and other representations that will only use an unnecessary quantity of ink.

The ideal print of a web pageit should include only the strictly necessary things like the title, the text, the images that argue the content, the page number, the date and nothing else. To achieve this, you can act through the browser itself, through some online applications or programs to download.

Google Chrome

If you are using the Google Chrome browser   you will have to click on the icon with the three dashes, then select  Print . On the left of this page there will be a menu, clicking on  Other settings  you will have access to further options to eliminate margins and background graphics.


Internet Explorer

If you are using the Internet Explorer browser , you will need to open the relevant web page, then go to File> Print preview . A page will open with the simplified version of the site, by clicking on the gear icon you can customize the graphics of the print and add the things that have been hidden by default. By clicking on the button on the right of the gear (called “Activate or deactivate headers or footers”) you can add the website address and date.


Mozilla Firefox

If you are using the Mozilla Firefox browser  you will have to go to File> Page Setup> Margins and Header / Footer . Through the drop-down menus you will have the possibility to select or remove in addition to the headers and footers, also the other elements present centrally or to the left or right of the web page. If you select ” Customize ” from the drop-down menu, you can replace any element with a personalized text.



Other methods

For those who are using a different browser or have not been satisfied with the settings in the 3 main browsers previously mentioned, I recommend trying these other online tools as well.


1) Print What You Like :  is an online editor that works by inserting the url of a web page. You can select the elements individually and then decide whether to delete or print them. For example, if you decide to delete only the background, select it and then click on the Remove button . If you decide to print only the content, select it and isolate it and then click on Print . The changes made can be saved in PDF or HTML formats. It is also available as an extension for Google Chrome . 


2) PrintFriendly : it  works in a similar way to the previous one, you paste the link of the internet page you want to simplify and then through a click you can remove all the images at once or individually. It is also possible to remove unnecessary pieces of text, advertisements and more. It is a nice and simple site, after the internet page has been modified you can decide whether to print it immediately or save it in PDF. 


3) The Printliminator :  in this other site you don’t need to add any url, you just have to drag the black button with the word ” Printliminator ” in the favorites bar of your browser. In this way, whatever site you are in, just click on the button located in the bar to activate all the functions of this tool.


4) iPrint :  unlike the previous solutions, this is a PC program that must be downloaded and installed. It allows you to remove all the unwanted and useless elements to save both paper and ink. 


5) HP Smart Print : it  is a free program to download and install on your computer that is integrated into the browser, it works like a collage, for example you can cut out a portion of the web page you intend to print. 


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