How to clear Internet Explorer history

As in all browsers, all sites you have visited recently and in the past by default are also saved in history on Internet Explorer . In this way you can find yourself “old” stored sites that you no longer need, also anyone with a minimum of computer knowledge will be able to find out which sites you have surfed recently and surely this is something that does not protect our privacy. You just have to do is  clear the history . To  clear the history of Internet Explorer you must click on the gear located at the top right and from the drop-down menu you must select Internet Options . From the section

General  you must go to the item “Browsing  history ” and then you must click on the Delete button to allow the deletion of the history but also of the temporary files, cookies, saved passwords and information of the web forms. It is also possible to delete the history automatically when you close the browser, simply by putting the check mark on ” Delete history when leaving “.

After clicking on Delete  you can select everything you want to delete, from history only to other functions such as passwords that in most cases it is not safe to keep them memorized.

If you return to the Internet Options section  and then click on  Settings> History,  you can indicate how many days the pages should remain saved in the history. In this way the sites visited in the past will be deleted to make room for the more recent ones.

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