How to delete the history of Chrome, Firefox, IE and Opera

Imagine writing down passwords on a flying sheet and keeping it in a drawer where other documents are placed, if you share the room with another person, this person will easily find and read what is written on the sheet; this is the chronology . Unless otherwise configured, the history preserves all the sites that were visited during the day (also specifying the time), during the week, the month and also the whole year.
As long as the computer is managed by a single person there is nothing to fear, but if it is shared with relatives or friends, or worse still it is not even your computer but the company one and you do not want to leave traces of the sites you have connected to , you must remember to clear the history .

To clear the history from the major browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, IE and Opera you do not need a special program, each of them can be reset from the internet settings and now I will show you how.

Clear Google Chrome history

To clear the history of Google Chrome you must open the Menu (the 3 lines at the top right), and from the drop-down menu you must select the History item . Then you have to click on the button that says Clear browsing data . You must select the elements to be deleted (also all) and then click the new button Clear browsing data and wait for the end of the process.


Clear Mozilla Firefox history

To clear the history of Mozilla Firefox  you have to go to History (located in the menu bar) and then click on View History . In the window that opens you have to delete using the right mouse button the “folders” sorted by date (Yesterday, this month etc.).

Clear Internet Explorer history

To clear the history of Internet Explorer you have to click on the gear symbol on the top right, then select Internet Options . From the new window that will open you have to go to the “General” section and click the Delete button . A new window will open where you can also put a check mark on everything and then click Delete again  and wait for the removal to complete


Clear Opera history

To clear the Opera history you have to click on the button with the word Opera located at the top left and then in the menu that opens you have to select ” History “, the quick keys to open the history are CTRL + H. this section contains the button Delete browsing data .


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