Reset Chrome, Firefox, IE to default settings

Even the browser as the PC can return to the default settings through a complete reset and you don’t even need to use external programs to obtain this result. All browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer or Operaalthough they become faster and safer, they continue to be vulnerable from unwanted extensions that open random advertisements (popups and banners within any site). To remedy the problem of advertising viruses but also to correct any errors or speed up the browser in the event that in the past it was fast while now not, it is possible to return it to the default settings. Each browser has different steps to follow and I remember that the reset removes extensions and favorites unless there is a browser function that allows it to be saved and subsequently recovered.

Reset Google Chrome

To reset Google Chrome you have to go to Menu , click on Show advanced settings and then at the end of the Settings section you will find the button with ” Reset settings ” written and it will bring Chrome back to its original default values.


Reset Mozilla Firefox

To reset Mozilla Firefox you have to go to Help> Troubleshooting and click on the ” Reset Firefox ” button, and as the browser itself says it should be used in case of serious problems since after use it will start from scratch keeping only the essential data.


Reset Internet Explorer

To reset Internet Explorer you have to click the Gear icon , then select Internet Options> Advanced , and finally click on Reset .

Reset Opera

To reset Opera you must enter this in the address bar :    opera: // about

And on the Opera information page you have to find the profile path, which will be similar to the following:
C: \ Users \ Andrea \ AppData \ Roaming \ Opera Software \ Opera Stable
Following this path (which will have an administrator other than “Andrea”) you will have to search for a file called operaprefs.ini and delete it because all browser preferences are contained here.


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