Torx. Torxes is the brand of a type of screw head characterized by a 6-pointed star shape. It was developed by Textron Fastening Systems. Those who do not know this brand usually refer to them as “Phillips screwdriver”.


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The generic name is hexalobular internal screw system, and it is an ISO standard, specifically ISO 10664 .

Due to their design, Torx screws are more resistant than Phillips or slotted head screws to the application of a higher torque than the screw resists; The Phillips, for example, is designed so that by applying a torque greater than that which the screw resists, the head will come out of the slot by itself (cam-out). TORX, by contrast, were designed for use in factories where automatic screwdrivers already take this factor into account and limit the torque to be applied automatically. In addition, Textron states that the durability of these heads is 10 times higher than that of traditional ones.

Torx screws are easily found in cars and computer systems (for example, Compaq uses exclusively the T15 size in its systems), as well as in consumer electronics , although they are becoming increasingly popular in construction .


Torx head sizes are named by putting the letter T before a number. The smaller the number, the shorter the distance between the screw tips. The most common sizes are T10, T15 and T25, although they can be as large as T100. Only the exact measurement is appropriate for each screw, since using a smaller measurement can damage both the head and the screw. A Torx screwdriver of the appropriate size can be used to act on the hex heads, although not vice versa.


There is a version called TORX security or TORX anti-forced (Torx TR, Tamper-Resistant). These screws have, in the center of the hole, a small projection that prevents the use of a classic TORX screwdriver, by preventing it from fitting on the head. Another version is the so-called external TORX, where the screw head has the same shape as the screwdriver , and a screwdriver is also “inverted” to be able to act on them.

The TORX PLUS is stronger, and allows greater torque to be applied to the screw. It is a patented variant, and therefore its introduction in the market is being slow. A standard TORX screwdriver can act on a TORX PLUS screw, but not vice versa. They also have a security version.

A variant with the same shape, TTAP, allows a greater insertion depth of the screwdriver, preventing it from wobbling once inserted into the screw . Standard TORX screwdrivers can be used with TTAPs, although not vice versa, due to the greater depth of the latter. It also has security versions.


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