Torque wrench

Torque wrench It is a useful part in applications where fastening accessories, such as nuts and / or bolts , must have a specific tension . It is commonly used in equipment for handling liquids and gases at low pressure, internal combustion engines, air conditioning , bridges and large structures, industrial pipelines , household appliance assemblies, electrical and electronic equipment, among others.


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The market for this tool also offers specialty torque wrenches in assembly, for the application of screws ] of the covers on electrical or electronic components, in which it is necessary to repeat the operation without losing the accuracy of the torque (torque exerted by a force). They are also used in heavy industry and automotive where torque multipliers are employed, which apply high torque pressures in very small dimension locations, replacing lever arms and wrenches.long. Torquometers are called precision tools because they are accurately designed, manufactured, and assembled with the highest quality components.

Types of torque wrenches

There are a wide variety of torque wrenches on the market. Some types of torque wrenches:

  • Torque multipliers. They are used to increase, with a predetermined ratio, the applied torque value.
  • Multitorque. Portable torque analyzer that features a data collection system that can be used with dies, extensions, handles, ratchets, or any combination of these.
  • Computorque electronic torque wrench. It is the most advanced and has multiple applications including precision torque on critical fasteners and quality testing.
  • Dial torque wrench. It is very practical for measuring the torque using a dial, allowing a quick and precise identification of the applied torque.
  • Thunder torque wrench. In this case, the desired torque is determined before applying the operation
  • Pre-adjusted torque wrenches. They are designed for use on production lines and assemblies where specific torque is required for repetitive operations.

Recommendations for use

  • Do not use torque wrenches with damaged nuts or bolts.
  • The torque multiplier or reaction arm should not be held in the hand.
  • The torque wrench should be held firmly in the center of the handle.
  • When applying torque, always pull; Do not push. You must maintain a stable and comfortable position to prevent a fall or injury.
  • The torque wrench is a very sensitive tool so you should avoid knocks and falls.
  • Before using the multiplier, it will be taken into account that it must be supported by a fixed object.
  • Regulate the torque to be applied, according to the manufacturer’s manual for the elements to be adjusted.
  • When acquiring a torque wrench, take into account the scale of the torque wrench (it can be imperial, millimeter, etc).


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