Top 5 anime based on a video game

The video game industry has had a huge impact on popular culture, and anime has been no exception, with many series based on the stories and characters from video games. Are these types of adaptations to your liking? If so, in this post you will find some of the best anime based on video games that have been made.

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  • Pokemon
  • Devil May Cry 2
  • Digimon Adventures
  • Castlevania
  • Tekken: Bloodline


We cannot begin to comment on this top 5 without talking about one of the best-known and longest-running anime in the world, as well as one of the main promoters of the good relationship between video games and animation. Pokémon is proof of how well and how profitable an adaptation can work.

Interestingly, despite being on the air for two and a half decades, there is an entire generation that is unaware that Pokémon originated in video games and was later adapted into an anime. Nintendo’s plan was to release an anime to market its games, especially outside of Japan. And because it worked so well, the franchise became huge. 30 years later, Ash is still trying to become a Pokémon Master, and Pikachu and his friends have become known all over the world.

Devil May Cry 2

Capcom is one of the companies that has used anime the most to increase the popularity of its games. One of the most popular adaptations based on a game from the renowned Japanese developer has been Devil May Cry.

Released in 2007, the anime focused on a more rebellious side of the protagonist Dante and was much more oriented to the personality that he showed in the third installment of the series. And although he could not recreate the success of video games, the adaptation of the story of a demon hunter who is the son of one of the monarchs of hell -and how this cursed pedigree makes him the target of everything bad- had a reception Nothing despicable.

Digimon Adventures

Due to the popularity of Pokémon, it was inevitable that other similar games would try to take advantage of this trend. This is the situation of Digimon, which for a long time was considered the most well-known “copy” of Nintendo’s little monsters.

This is a slightly debatable statement, as there is quite a debate over who came first, as Digimon is based on the ancient virtual creatures that existed before Pikachu and co. However, it was not until the arrival of Pokémon that these creatures became digital monsters. And unlike its best-known relative, Digimon has never tried to cling to a single, extensive history; on the contrary, each season introduces new protagonists, new digimons and a new plot.


Netflix has adapted many video games to anime, but none have been as well received as Castlevania. And not just because the game is a cult favorite among gamers of yesteryear, but because the streaming company’s work in recreating the gothic atmosphere has been exceptionally well executed and thoughtful in every detail.

The story focuses on the conflict between the Belmont family, vampire hunters, and Dracula. This rivalry, however, encompasses much more than the simple effort to rid the world of evil embodied by the Lord of Darkness, encompassing family feuds and generational traumas.

Tekken: Bloodline

Tekken is, along with Street Fighter, one of the best-known video game brands, but it took until recently for the Bandai Namco classic to have its own anime. This one goes by the name of Tekken: Bloodline and it does an excellent job of wrapping up the series’ convoluted story and focusing on the Mishima family’s revenge plot as well as the rest of the cast.

Jin, a young man who loses his family after the attack of a strange monster who wants to steal the power that hides inside him, is the protagonist of the season. Seeking revenge, the boy turns to his legendary grandfather, Heihachi. The problem is that the old man hides some truly diabolical secrets that threaten not only the future of his descendants, but of the entire planet.


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