Top 10 Websites to Watch Anime and Cartoons for Free and Legal

Are you an anime or cartoon enthusiast who wants to watch your favorite shows online for free and legally? Look no further! In this article, we will introduce you to the top 10 websites where you can enjoy a vast collection of anime and cartoons without breaking any laws. So, grab your snacks and get ready to dive into the world of fascinating animated content!

Websites to Watch Anime and Cartoons for Free and Legal

 infographic guide images displaying websites to watch anime and cartoons for free.

And if, in addition to anime and cartoons, you are also interested in the beautiful sport, in this special we will tell you which are the best televisions on the market to enjoy football with the highest image quality .

But whether on some of the televisions that we have shown you or on your laptop or smartphone, these are the best online sites to enjoy the world of anime and cartoons .

Table of Contents

  1. Pluto TV
  2. Crunchyroll
  3. Atresplayer
  4. Funimation
  5. Anime Planet
  6. Amazon Prime Video
  7. Select Simulcast Vision
  8. 9anime
  9. Rakuten TV
  10. CONtv

Pluto TV

We begin this article with one of the sensations of recent times within the world of television in general: Pluto TV . A platform that is available for a generous number of systems and that is supported by a greater number of users every day.

Although, like the vast majority, it has a payment model that is the main one, Pluto TV gives the option to enjoy part of its content for free with ads, and among them are several channels dedicated to anime and cartoons. as famous as Inazuma Eleven and its animated football or the great Detective Conan .

Website: Pluto TV


If you like the world of anime, surely you already know (or, at least, have heard of it) one of the websites and apps most followed by fans of this type of productions. And Crunchyroll hosts dozens and dozens of series, from One Piece or Naruto to Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid or Blue Exorcist.

In addition to the fact that it is possible to benefit from a promotion that consists of a 14-day trial , this platform also allows users to access free content (quite limited in comparison, yes) of anime series with ads involved and with higher resolutions. low.

Website: Crunchyroll


Another platform worth visiting, especially if you have small children or nephews, is Atresplayer . A service belonging to the Atresmedia group and which, among its wide range of content, also includes an interesting and vast selection of cartoons and anime.

All you have to do is log in (by registering in advance) and you can now enjoy series like Bakugan, Champions, Pokémon or Maya the Bee … although it is also true that not all of these sagas are complete. But for being free, it is a very interesting option.

Website: Atresplayer


Talking about the best anime and cartoon websites and platforms and not mentioning Funimation is crazy… although said service does not have an official presence in our territory. And, for this reason, to access its contents it is necessary to use a VPN (like these, which are the best free VPNs ).

The catalog that includes this “liner” is incredible in everything related to the topic at hand, being able to watch series and movies from well-known, innovative and cutting-edge sagas . And, on top of that, a good part of its content can be viewed openly with advertisements involved.

Website: Funimation

Anime Planet

For anime fans, this channel is truly wonderful. And Anime Planet brings together thousands (literally) of series and content related to this discipline, and we can even create our own playlists and options of that style.

Anime Planet is a service that is related to Crunchyroll as well as other companies such as YouTube, so depending on our location, some content is enabled and others are not. An excellent place that also has a large community of active users with whom we can interact.

Website: Anime Planet

Amazon Prime Video

Another option that is worth highlighting because it is often overlooked is the one offered by Amazon Prime Video . A global service that, in terms of animated series and films, integrates a most attractive and succulent offer that includes both new releases and renowned classic sagas.

It is true that it is paid, but there are two ways to deal with this obstacle. The first is to make use of the one-month free trial period that Amazon offers its users. And the second is to enjoy these contents by being a premium member, something that not all subscribers know.

Web: Amazon Prime Video

Select Simulcast Vision

Selecta Visión is one of the companies that has been most committed to the manganime world for many years. Not in vain have they distributed dozens of series and films of this nature in physical format in our territory. A company that also offers a surprise to its followers thanks to its Simulcast.

From time to time, without prior notice and without any pre-established pattern (at least that we know of), those users who are aware of it can enjoy free, quality online broadcasts of the series that the company chooses for said purpose. A more than plausible initiative.

Web: Selecta Simulcast Vision


One of the most attractive and outstanding websites of all those that appear in this report is 9anime . An online site that is one of the few that offers its users the possibility of enjoying free content through resolutions that can reach 1080p.

And we are not talking about little-known series or sagas but about Dragon Ball, Ragna Crimson, Death Note, Psycho and other works that have millions of followers around the world. Of course, almost all the series are in their original version with English subtitles and it is not possible to download them (that would be a no-go).

Website: 9anime

Rakuten TV

Rakuten TV is another of the video on demand platforms that has grown the most in recent times. A service that has a fairly significant diversity of content and, of course, in its offer it is also possible to find animated series and films.

The problem is that the vast majority of them are paid, although if we search carefully it is possible to find feature films that are free to watch. The good thing is that, in general, their prices are very low , so it is possible to enjoy sensational movies for almost nothing.

Web: Rakuten TV


And we put the end to this report dedicated to anime and cartoons with a platform that is somewhat less known than the previous ones, but which we do not want to leave out, such as CONtv . A channel that, apart from its paid subscription system, also provides access to free content.

And although it is not a channel expressly dedicated to the world of anime and cartoons, it houses some gems , such as films as good as Street Fighter II (the 1994 animated feature film, not the disastrous movie from live-action action) or Ghost Messenger.


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