Anime Fighting Simulator Codes

We bring you all the updated Anime Fighting Simulator Codes – BlockZone’s Roblox game inspired by the most popular Anime series of the moment

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  • 1Anime Fighting Simulator Codes – Complete List 2020
    • 1Valid codes updated
    • 2Expired Anime Fighting Simulator Codes
  • 2Anime Fighting Simulator Codes – How are they redeemed?
  • 3Codes for other games

Redeem codes before they expire and win tons of chikara, yen, and other exclusive rewards for free.

Anime Fighting Simulator Codes – Full List 2020

Redeem codes before they expire and win tons of chikara, yen, and other exclusive rewards for free.

Valid codes updated

  • emperadorwapo: Redeem this code for chikara (New)
  • 2millionsingroup! : Redeem this code for chikara
  • dwax10kRedeem this code for chikara
  • 1billionvisits! : Redeem this code for chikara
  • emperador2kcode: Redeem code by chikara
  • follow2defildplaysRedeem this code for chikara
  • emperadorstar: Redeem this code for chikara
  • dwaxinstreamRedeem this code for chikara
  • FrangonewcodeRedeem this code for chikara
  • thankseveryonefor1mlikeweloveyouRedeem this code for chikara
  • gggames50kRedeem this code for chikara
  • kelvin600kRedeem this code for chikara
  • secretrazorfishcode: Redeem this code for chikara
  • ElemperadorinliveRedeem this code for chikara
  • defildpromoRedeem this code for chikara
  • Mrrhino50kRedeem this code for chikara
  • emperador100k: Redeem code by chikara
  • medtw50kRedeem this code for chikara
  • emperor100k! : Redeem this code for chikara
  • Bigboi100kRedeem this code for chikara
  • anotherbugfix: Redeem this code for chikara
  • VexoStreamRedeem this code for chikara
  • tigre250kRedeem this code for chikara
  • sub2kelvinRedeem this code for chikara
  • 5000chikaraRedeem this code for chikara
  • subtodefildplaysRedeem this code for chikara
  • NNG: Redeem this code for chikara
  • sub2hakimboRedeem this code for chikara
  • defildstreamRedeem this code for chikara
  • emperadorsubs: Redeem this code for chikara
  • DefildyenRedeem this code for chikara
  • GGgames40kRedeem this code for chikara
  • merrychristmas: Redeem this code for chikara
  • lastyearcode750kRedeem this code for chikara
  • subtofrangoforchikaraRedeem this code for chikara
  • defild700kRedeem this code for chikara
  • sub2emperadormaxiRedeem this code for chikara
  • frango2yenRedeem this code for chikara
  • tigre200k: Redeem this code for chikara
  • defildRedeem this code for chikara
  • n1colas2subRedeem this code for chikara
  • tigrehaveyenRedeem this code for chikara
  • tigretv2subRedeem this code for chikara
  • tigretvsubRedeem this code for chikara
  • subletsRedeem this code for chikara
  • L3NIRedeem this code for chikara
  • SubemperadormaxiRedeem this code for
  • Sub2tanqrRedeem this code for
  • sub2tplanetmiloRedeem this code for 500 yen
  • subtomrrhinoRedeem this code for 500 yen
  • sub2razorfishgamingRedeem this code for 500 yen
  • subtokelvingtsRedeem this code for 500 yen

We will keep this list updated, keep in mind that there are new guaranteed codes every 50,000 likes, but new codes can also come out at any time. So we recommend you not to wait too long to review this list, which of course we will update with each new code.

Expired Anime Fighting Simulator Codes

These no longer work, so if you are trying to redeem it and you can’t, you know why:

  • rename: Redeem this code for chikara
  • goodbyebugsRedeem this code for chikara
  • merrychristmas: Redeem this code for chikara
  • subt2elemperadormaxiRedeem this code for chikara
  • fav75Redeem this code for 500 yen
  • bloodlinesfixed: Redeem this code for chikara
  • 600kamazingRedeem this code for chikara
  • bloodlinefixes: Redeem this code for chikara
  • 10kfollowersRedeem this code for chikara
  • 650klikesRedeem this code for chikara
  • oneyear500mRedeem this code for chikara
  • emilioglad30kRedeem this code for chikara
  • 700klikesRedeem this code for chikara
  • 20kblockzoneRedeem this code for chikara
  • 550kisalotRedeem this code for 5k chikara
  • milestones: Redeem this code for chikara
  • twitter5kRedeem this code for chikara
  • frango2subRedeem this code for chikara
  • reached450thanksRedeem this code for
  • 900kmembersRedeem this code for
  • 500komgRedeem this code for
  • dance: Redeem this code for
  • subtigretvRedeem this code for
  • frangonovoRedeem this code for
  • erbitosaiyanRedeem this code for
  • ThankYouEmilioRedeem this code for
  • chichine8kfollowersRedeem this code for
  • glorious400: Redeem this code for
  • ilovetobreathRedeem this code for
  • marvelous350thousand: Redeem this code for
  • 500kmembersRedeem this code for
  • rollback: Redeem this code for
  • impeccabletwo75: Redeem this code for
  • w0w300klikesRedeem this code for
  • TwitterRewards2: Redeem this code for
  • astounding225Redeem this code for
  • TwitterRewards: Redeem this code for
  • mighty200kRedeem this code for
  • 1seventy5kayRedeem this code for
  • one50klikesRedeem this code for
  • 125kthankuRedeem this code for
  • christmas19: Redeem this code for
  • Ty4100kRedeem this code for 500 yen
  • seventyfivekRedeem this code for 500 yen
  • 50fantasticRedeem this code for 500 yen
  • vis1ts5milRedeem this code for 500 yen
  • INCREDIBLE25: Redeem this code for 1,000 yen
  • ty41milvisitsRedeem this code for
  • 10klikeswowRedeem this code for
  • fivethousandlikesRedeem this code for
  • release: Redeem this code for
  • thanks4onekRedeem this code for

In case you want to be the first to know when new Anime Fighting Simulator Codes are released, we recommend you follow the following Twitter accounts:

  • @NyxunRBX
  • @marmalados

Anime Fighting Simulator Codes – How are they redeemed?

It is quite obvious, look to the left of your screen and you will see a blue bird (the twitter symbol), click on that button, enter the code in the new window and hit Enter to redeem it. The only thing is that they are almost always case-sensitive, so in case you don’t want to go crazy, the easiest thing is to copy it from our list, since all the codes are tested.

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