Tips for choosing the best quality sweet oranges

Such a popular fruit as an orange has long ceased to be exotic. Everyone loves him, regardless of age, gender, religion and social status. This citrus is well stocked in grocery stores, especially in supermarkets. To choose the best quality orange, use the tips below.

Look at the peel – the color should be uniform and bright (a sign of ripeness). The peel of a good sweet orange is smooth and slightly reddish in color.

The porosity of the orange peel is a clear sign of thick skin. But a thick peel is not yet proof that the fruit will be savory or, on the contrary, sweet. The disadvantage of thick skin is that they add extra weight to the fetus, and the advantage is that they are easy to clean.

When buying an orange either in the supermarket or in the market, always probe carefully – the fruit should not be soft, loose or deformed. Also check the storage conditions (more on this below).

Delicious and sweet oranges should be juicy and therefore weighty – choose heavier fruits. Be sure to smell – ripe fruits have a distinct aroma.

If you find oranges with a pronounced navel (the top of the fruit), then surely such a fruit will be delicious and sweet. After the cut, you will be able to see another small fruit at this top.

Don’t buy oversized oranges – they usually don’t taste good.

If you plan to use the peel for cooking or medicinal purposes, be sure to rinse it thoroughly to remove any preservative chemicals. Typically, this skin looks polished and shiny. Be careful.


How should oranges be stored?

Under normal household conditions at normal temperatures, an orange can last for a week. The fruits can be kept in the refrigerator even longer – several weeks, depending on maturity. Can also be stored in dry, cold rooms such as a cellar.

Monitor the condition of the fruit from time to time. If soft spots appear, you can no longer store it. Make sure that moisture and condensation do not form – wipe the fruits with a towel in this case.

Optimal storage conditions and shelf life depend on the orange variety. Temperature ranges from 3-8 degrees Celsius, humidity 90-95%. And the term can reach 2 months.


Interesting Facts

Orange is the oldest hybrid derived from mandarin and pomelo. China and India are considered the homeland. This subtropical fruit came to Europe through Portugal in the 16th century.

Although oranges are native to China, the best and sweetest fruits are grown in the Mediterranean (especially Spain) and the United States.



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