Tips for buying from thrift stores

The culture of buying used objects, clothes and accessories seems to have conquered the people of Teresina once and for all. New thrift stores and bazaars are opened in the capital, offering the public the chance to renovate their wardrobe, sometimes paying less than half what the pieces cost a day. Another positive point in buying second hand is to save raw materials and natural resources of the environment. Did you know that making a single pair of jeans consumes more than 10,000 liters of water? Yeah!

Most clothes and accessories, available in good bazaars, are usually intact, sanitized and without stains. But it is necessary to know how to choose not to pile pieces in the closet that do not connect with what you already have.

Photo: @bazarcefc – instagram


Thrift stores curated by fashion professionals

For those looking for ultra-exclusive pieces with more contemporary fashion information, know that there are charity bazaars in Teresina, in which the items go through upcycling processes to renew themselves, offering more freshness and a cooler air to the looks.

One such example is the collection of the charity bazaar of the Fabiano de Cristo Spiritist Center (instagram @bazarcefc). A project developed by graduate students in Fashion carries out actions that revamp the pieces, which are presented in an announcement that overestimates the items left for sale in the bazaar. Stamping, new cuts, customization and overlays give new life to clothes and accessories.

Photo: @bazarcefc – instagram


Photo: @bazarcefc – instagram


Tips for buying from thrift stores

– Do not choose the price, because it is cheaper. Think about whether you really have to match the piece you want to take. Something that can generate at least three possibilities for looks is a good start;

– Bet on the purchase of natural fabric clothes, such as cotton and linen, or with less artificial fibers, such as viscose, which better resist washing without deforming, have a better fit and last longer in general;

– When buying jeans, note that the fabric in the groin area is not worn and that the hem or waist will need adjustment. Sometimes, minor repairs can be more expensive than the amount paid for the part;

– Are you going to buy shoes? The best time to choose shoes is in the late afternoon, when your feet are usually swollen. So, shoes, chosen at night, will not pinch your feet in the morning.

– Department store parts are common in most thrift stores and are cheaper. For more exclusive brand items, the expectation is to pay a little more. Know how to evaluate;

– Do you have spare parts at home, unused? You can sell on consignment at thrift stores. It works like this: you leave it at the store for a period, and when you sell it, you receive a percentage of the amount collected, usually between 30 and 50%. Before making your pieces available, ask the store owner for what value the piece will have sold, so as not to be disappointed afterwards, as if it were left for you;

– Before going shopping, take a look at what you already have in your wardrobe. Sometimes, what you need are just pieces to increase the possibilities of use with what is standing in your wardrobe. A good tip is to photograph the pieces that need complements and only then go to the gaps;

Visit our city’s thrift stores. Save and bet on sustainable consumption for a better life for everyone!


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