The strength of body language in negotiations

In the workplace or in meetings to close a deal it is essential to know how to project your opinions, not to give up your values ​​and demonstrate authority. Even more so for us women, who are increasingly inserted in spaces and discussions previously occupied only by men. But did you know that body language can help you be more successful in some professional situations?

Let’s go to the tips to help you subtly convey authority and trust. The guidelines are from the books: “Body Language at Work”, by Allan and Barbara Pease, and “Your Body Speaks at Work”, by Sharon Seilor.

– The voice has an essential role to communicate power and credibility. Try to articulate words clearly and speak at a calm pace. Another tip is to take quick breaks and breathe calmly between sentences.

– Winning the power game, involved in a business conversation, also involves looking at the other person. And, at that time, the handshake, much more than a form of greeting, needs to be firm and secure.

– Another guideline is to avoid breathing in an accelerated and shallow manner, this gives the impression that you are nervous or uncomfortable with something.

– Be attentive to your posture too, avoid sitting with a curved spine and drooping shoulders.

To show authority and be more prepared to negotiate, you need to show the other that you are confident, without anxiety and in control of the situation, explains the career Master Coach, Raissa Guanieri.

Coach Raissa Guanieri – Photo: disclosure instagram

“It is crucial that women prepare for negotiations. We often believe that what is said in a negotiation is what will set the course for decisions. But research indicates that our power of persuasion in a negotiation is much more linked to non-verbal communication, that is, to our postures and facial expressions than what is said ”.

The clothes we choose to wear in the professional environment also convey messages that can help you in negotiations. Who brings us tips on what to wear at work is the personal stylist Vivian Barroso.


Personal Stylist Vivian Barroso – Photo: disclosure instagram 

– When transmitting a more imposing image, it is important that you use more rigid and structured fabrics. The very soft fabrics convey an image of relaxation, of relaxation, which is not so important at that moment. Tailoring is your ally on this occasion.

– Beware of very strong or open colors. They can take your attention off what you want to talk about. So, the ideal at this point is that you use sober colors that convey power.

– It is important that inside your look has some minor point, that carries fashion information. It can be a bag, sandal or accessory. But be careful not to be too flashy. So, if you have a center, that is, the majority, the look, more formal, and also have some element of fashion, this will say that you are a person who can be trusted and who is also attentive to what happens in the world and is up to date.

So, arm yourself with these tips, put on courage and show the power you have.


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