Dermatologist teaches you how to use perfume correctly

Perfume is essential for most women. It is common for us to have a perfume to work with, another to go out at night, and so on. But sometimes, the poor fixation of the product on the skin is a cause for disappointment. Hence the importance of the tips for the perfume to last longer in the body. The recommendations are from dermatologist Michelle Martins.

– Moisturize the skin before applying the perfume helps to retain the smell on the skin for longer;

– When applying, the best places are fists and behind the ears;

– Perfume is not applied to the face, especially in places close to the mouth and eyes, due to the risk of irritation;

– Perfume is also not used on the hair, as the product usually has a lot of alcohol in its composition, which can dry the hair, or worse, cause irritation on the scalp, causing redness, itching and allergies;

– For people known to be allergic, attention needs to be doubled. The dermatologist’s tip is not to apply the perfume directly to the skin, but over the clothes, because many fragrances end up being one of the main causes of skin allergy, known as contact dermatitis. Another recommendation is to look for hypoallergenic perfume;

Dermatologist Michelle Martins gives tips for applying perfume – Photo: Reproduction / Instagram

The way of storing the perfume also helps to preserve the characteristics of the product for longer.

– Keep perfumes in a ventilated place, preferably without light and dry. That is, the ideal is to keep it even inside a closet, closet. The place of perfume is not in the bathroom, an environment full of humidity, temperature changes and incidence of sunlight, factors that can modify the fragrance and spoil the perfume.

– Perfume has an expiration date, huh! Pay attention to the indication of the packaging and do not use the product after this period;

– It never hurts to remember that wearing fake perfume is a threat to your skin. So look for those of good origin. The savings are not worth it when your skin’s health is at risk;

Photo: Pixabay

Spine tips on etiquette when using perfume

– Using perfume in excess is extremely dowdy. Choose only 1 to 2 areas of the body to apply and it will be enough, spraying the product once in each region. Apply the perfume about 20 cm from the target site and do not rub, it is not necessary. After using perfume, wash your hands.

– Get it right: fresh fragrances like floral and lavender, combine more to use during the day and / or in hot climates; oriental and woody odors, on the other hand, work best in night programs and / or in cold climates.

– Eau de Toilette perfumes are less concentrated, ideal for the day; and those Eau de Parfum are more concentrated, more suitable to use at night.

There are women who make perfume their brand and go around collecting praise.


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