Dermatologist explains benefits of micellar water

A practical cosmetic to use, that promises to cleanse the skin gently and that wins space in the beauty ritual of many women: micellar water. Created in France, the product was created to save the skin from direct contact with tap water, which, in some people, can aggravate problems such as rosacea, dermatitis, in addition to causing dry skin.

The watery and transparent liquid promises to remove makeup, gently cleanse the face and soothe the skin, without rinsing. As the name says, micellar water is made up of micelles, molecules responsible for cleaning the skin, as explained by dermatologist Daniella Spinato.

“The micelles are microdroplets of invisible surfactants, which are able to envelop the dirt and remove it from the surface of the skin together with water. Each micelle has two poles: one, which is soluble in water; and another, which works as a kind of magnet attracting sebum, sweat, makeup and pollution. In this way, the function of micellar water is to cleanse the skin, also indicated to remove makeup ”.

Most micellar waters usually do not contain alcohol, dyes, soap and parabens, making the formulation very smooth and, therefore, so recommended for sensitized skin. Popularized, the cosmetic gained versions with specific ingredients to also meet the needs of dry and oily skins.

The dermatologist Daniella Spinato advises to choose micellar water that has less loaded formulations and, even better, if it has botanical extracts.

“The choice of the best micellar water must be directed according to the skin type of each one: dry, oily, or sensitive. Always remembering to look for formulas with few ingredients, that is, minimalist formulas and without fragrances ”.

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Usage Tips

– Micellar water can replace the use of soap at any time of the day and not just when you wake up. It can be used, for example, to remove oil from the face before reapplying the sunscreen;

– You can apply micellar water on your face with cotton disks, using your hands or even placing the product in a small pot and spraying it directly on the skin;

– Micellar water can be a great option when you are in places where there is no quality water available or during travel journeys;

– Micellar water does NOT replace the use of products with other functions such as tonics, moisturizers and anti-aging creams;

– Observe your skin type and how to harmonize the product with the other steps of the routine;

– Micellar water does not need to become a mandatory item in the bag for everyone.

“Despite all the benefits, micellar water should not be seen as a mandatory item, for daily use, for all people. There is this trend, this fashion, but you really need to assess whether your skin needs to use the product or not ”, concludes Dermatologist Daniella Spinato.


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