Time management or the art of caring for an internal workaholic

Proper filling of the rest period consists of 8 basic elements

  1. Be an egoist by taking time for yourself and only yourself. Listen to your desires, a good helper in this venture is meditation.
  2. Thinking It is useful to “pause life” in order to analyze: at what moments the work may come first and when not. For example, you can work while the children are sleeping, but do not deprive yourself and their joint leisure.
  3. “Fun is time, business is hour.” If on vacation it is not possible to be outside the reach of the boss, colleagues, then ask them to call with important questions, for example, from 9 to 11 hours (the vacation time should also be different from the working one).
  4. A full sleep is the key to health, good mood, vitality. Seven hours of sleep at night is the minimum that a person needs (according to doctors).
  5. Communication with the family. Joint events or just a warm leisurely conversation heart to heart have a positive effect on personal life and working tone.
  6. Tasty food. Vacation is an opportunity to feel like a gourmet. Exquisite dish, noble wine will help to feel the taste of life. The main thing is to comply with the measure.
  7. Types of rest for the best effect should be replaced by each other. Soak up in a sun lounger, go ahead for a jog or yoga class.
  8. Interests charging positive. Pay attention to the hobby of one of the family members, or offer your own version of exciting leisure. For example, playing basketball on the street for an amateur team will be a bright event, impressions of which will last for a week.

How to learn to relax, to start working

So that the weekend does not turn into a continuation of workdays with business calls and solving production problems, we must consciously move in this direction.

5 simple steps will help you enter the working rhythm with renewed vigor:

1st step. Make yourself rest. To do this, block the retreat options. Buy a ticket to the theater or concert in advance; promise (in writing) the kids a trip to the circus, water park, cinema, indicating the time; Bet on a substantial amount of money to visit the pool.

2nd step. Create rituals for customization. The rituals that are useful to invent and then cultivate allow you to feel the rest, then the process is felt, and a state of pleasure comes.

3rd step. Throw away the clock. Create a weekend program so that you do not need to keep track of time. Hard frames, leave schedules for working moments.

4th step. Keep information consumption to a minimum. Being constantly under the pressure of large volumes of information, internal energy is imperceptibly lost. Therefore, limit the flow of information flow, let it be one news release.

5th step. Refuse for the day from the Internet, television. After a day, according to observations, anxiety tension decreases, mood improves, energy appears.

The idea of ​​resting during time pressure, when the amount of assigned work only increases, is unthinkable for a workaholic. In this case, the body can signal a dangerous level of overwork:

  • Change in appetite
  • Insomnia, lethargy,
  • Loss of concentration

If these symptoms of fatigue already make themselves felt, it is time for a vacation and review your schedule.


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