Handling Techniques: Pros and Cons

The existing concept of how a manipulator should be most often goes against the truth. In the conventional wisdom, this is a despot and selfish person who forces others to do what he considers necessary.

This is partly true. However, a true manipulator never acts in an obvious role.

Despite the fact that in practice, influence techniques are used both for good and selfish purposes, there are categories of people who are required to have methods of influencing the subconscious:  teachers, successful leaders, this is also the responsibility of parents.

If the list of your labor obligations includes systematic public speaking , learn to feel the crowd.

The mood of the listeners depends on various factors:


  • The room in which the event takes place
  • Lighting
  • Technical equipment
  • Weather outside the window (or lack of windows and daylight)


  • Speaker appearance
  • The volume and timbre of his voice
  • Appearance and behavior of others present

Is it possible to create ideal conditions for a presentation? Yes, if you have a dedicated space for public speaking.

The ability to improvise and a sense of humor are universal skills that help to establish contact with the audience and gain its trust. For example, if you have technical problems, fill the waiting time with a joke.

But not a single exposure technique will work if a person experiences anxiety or distrust.

There are methods of manipulation that are used for negative purposes. Often a person or group of people may not be aware of the impact on their subconscious. After all, the main task of the manipulator is to subordinate to his own will unnoticed.

The main task of the speaker is to quietly allow the audience to show interest and get involved in his game. Nevertheless, a troll can sit in any crowd, the purpose of which is to catch the speaker, bring out emotions, and disrupt the even course of the performance.

Such force majors should be internally prepared.

Manipulation Techniques

Existing techniques require submission on different principles:

  1. “Polar reaction”

When a person does everything exactly the opposite. It is easy to predict the actions of such a person. It is enough to say the desired action, and such a person will do the opposite (as the manipulator expected);

  1. “Gap pattern

We can say – this is the result of the influence of stereotypes and prevailing opinions in society. Often these methods of manipulation are disguised as “traditions,” “tribute to the times,” “customs.”

  1. “Blinding”

The constant flow of information for the interlocutor seems only an unconscious and meaningless stream of words. However, in this way, the manipulator keeps the victim in the grip of cohesion and discomfort, pushing him to accomplish the goal.

  1. “Trans double”

A similar process to the previous method. The only difference is that two manipulators take part in the process of persuasion. The victim is embarrassed, feels insecure and succumbed to manipulators. Such manipulation of people is often used by swindlers.

To be fully equipped: ways to protect against psychological impact

It is believed that there is no way to resist professional manipulators. However, it is not. Observing simple methods of psychological defense, you can protect yourself from the effects of a skilled manipulator:

  1. No information about yourself

The psychology of manipulation involves the collection of personal information, which will later be used against the victim. Therefore, the main rule is no information about yourself and your loved ones.

  1. Discomfort

Hidden human control is a subtle psychology that is based on human fears. To be “laughed at”, to be in an awkward situation are the main methods of influence. Do not succumb to such tricks. No need to be afraid to be different than everyone else.

  1. Custom behavior

The manipulator operates according to a harmonious scheme that has been worked out for years. This can be used to protect against the effects of manipulation: to act not quite “adequately” – moving away from the main conversation, a sharp change in the topic of conversation will confuse such a manipulator.

  1. Understanding of management

One of the rules for success in resisting manipulation is the understanding that an attempt is made to influence. Do not underestimate the capabilities of the interlocutor, always be ready for an adequate assessment of what is happening – the key to a successful confrontation.

Knowing the methods of protection and the ability to use them can be useful not only in oratory, but also in ordinary life.

Instead of a conclusion: Both white

In the 70s, a popular science film was shot at the Kievnauchfilm studio. It consisted of several socio-psychological experiments with the participation of preschool children and students.

The film “Me and Others” is a vivid example (despite the black-and-white film) of how pliable and naive our perception is and how a person likes to think out what he did not manage to remember.

Nowadays, the phrase “both white” will cause a smile, but in the seventies in narrow circles it was often used as an allegory.

Still not sure why? Before delving into the topic of the psychology of manipulation, watch a film by Felix Sobolev.

And be sure to tell the audience about one of the experiments before starting a public speech. Or maybe you want to recreate one of them


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