13 tips for a career in crisis

For many, work is just a way to get monetary gain. With such an approach, it is difficult to pass the test of strength and stability. After all, daily tasks turn into a routine and do not bring pleasure.

How to make a career that will bring not only income, but also pleasure

  • No limits.
    Choose a job that brings moral satisfaction. A hobby can become the basis of significant financial prosperity.
  • Rule of two minutes.
    The method is based on not postponing small tasks that take less than two minutes. For example: reply to a letter, clear the desktop.
  • Appreciate time.
    The rule includes the correct estimation of working hours. All costs and minimum standard costs must be calculated. Divide the resulting amount by 30 days (month), then by the number of working hours.
  • Love music.
    It is worth pausing during the work process (10 – 15 minutes if possible).
  • In sight
    It is necessary to create a “working look”, as office employees like to say. Always show your boss how worries about the company prevail in everyday worries. But being in sight do not forget to really fulfill the tasks entrusted to you and be sincere in your experiences. Do not go too far. If you are disgusted with company policy – observe neutrality. This is better than a fake smile, stretched over the whole face and empty vanity around the head.
  • Reasonableness
    In difficult, emotional situations, do not make a momentary decision. Writing an explanatory note, a letter of resignation and other papers is better in detail, while in a calm state of mind. But a way out of emotions is necessary. Therefore, use the rule – all documents of this kind should be written first to the table. Give yourself a day or two, re-read and then make a decision.
  • You are a snail
    Try not to make sudden movements, but at the same time not to stand still. The philosophy of the snail and observation will create favorable conditions.
  • Make a list of the list
    All necessary tasks, meetings and tasks to write in a notebook, phone, reminder;
  • Decide: Lead or slave
    Knowing your psychotype will provide an understanding of the possibilities.
  • A non-standard view of standard situations
    It is worth looking at the usual situation from several angles; adapting to the changes will help to view all the information from a different angle. The solution often lies on the surface.
  • Self-portrait
    To understand how in reality the employer and the labor market will respond to you, create a competent resume. Here’s what Alena Vladimirskaya, the chief expert on recruiting and HR, advises about this.
  1. Do not know how to work in a graphical editor – do not complicate your life. Use a simple resume template;
  2. Describe the results of your work and skills so that the employer understands your capabilities;
  3. If you are marking the position “company face”, attach a good quality photo;
  4. Recommendations from partners or from a previous place of work are especially relevant in a crisis;
  5. In search of creative work, attach a portfolio of the most successful works;
  6. Define the “pain” of the company and create a resume that would reflect that you are the specialist you need.
  • In the beginning was the word
    Use correct speech in communication. Exclude parasitic words.
  • Confidence
    Listen to your colleagues. Listen to the authorities. Just listen and watch. CNN Congressional correspondent Dana Bach shares her experiences:

I burned more than once on the fact that people do not know how to keep secrets. But it doesn’t really upset me. The one who set you up by draining your information will someday also tell you something useful. You need to keep these with you.

Crisis – Transition Time

It’s time to develop a non-standard look at the needs of the employer and the ability to adapt to circumstances. Learn to look at transitions above the crowd as a time of opportunity.

If you follow the inertia of a red traffic signal surrounded by a mass of people, this does not mean that you are safe. Allow yourself the freedom and independent view of the surroundings. Then it is your job offer that will not keep you waiting.


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