Is thinking positive is the solution to your problems?

Is thinking positive the solution?

This is a very popular phrase that we hear frequently from people close to us and in the media in general: “think positive! This attracts good energy ”.

The question I bring to today’s reading does not concern whether positive thinking brings good energy or not, but: how would positive thinking solve the real life impasses ?

Positive thinking and the most complex issues

This statement can often sound insensitive and unconvincing to anyone who is in personal distress and has tried numerous ways to overcome such pain . Positive thinking can be a very simplistic way of working with complex issues.

What would it be like to think positive after the death of a loved one? What about news of a layoff and future financial difficulties? And with a betrayal or violence from someone that you have devoted all your trust, emotional and material investment to to build a life together? What about a disease that has no positive prognosis? And under a situation of abuse at work, to which you feel without alternatives that do not check your permanence in the institution? And after a situation of humiliation?

We could think: “he / she went to a better place; there is no competition for those who are good, I can get another job; the queue goes on; I still have some life to enjoy; at least I have a job; etc.

Is positive thinking able to give us permanent or lasting relief?

Such a way of thinking can have some temporary relief effect, as it gives us a breath of hope, but it does little to permanently change people’s behavior.

In addition, it also facilitates a partially blind perception of reality, as we arbitrarily disregard important information that is also part of the problem.


The situations in which we find ourselves in life have a range of elements: positive, negative and neutral, and all must be considered when making decisions, experiencing emotions and taking the next step towards improvement.

Thus, we do not fall into the famous Poliana syndrome, of just seeing the positive side of things, as this is the other end of a spectrum in which on the other side there are those who suffer with predominantly negative thoughts.

Therefore, we reached the fateful conclusion that thinking positive is not the key to solving life’s impasses , there are other more effective strategies to face our challenges.

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