The soothing bubble

The soothing bubble is a method or micro-routine to use when you end up with the feeling that everything is too big. When it’s overwhelming. It is stressful. It feels like nothing can slow down because it is up too fast now. There you are, running and you just have to keep up. Your head is spinning and you can not stop.

The soothing bubble

The soothing bubble is something you create by using your senses. Here I want to give you a list so that you can quickly slow down and return to a focused work mode. This works whether you are at home or at work and you choose whether you sit in the bubble for 5 minutes or for 30 minutes. It depends on the opportunity and occasion.

1. Find your place

Find a place that is secluded if possible. If not here’s a new product just for you! But it can be on the bench outside work, in the car, on the sofa at home or in the lunch room, on a rock in the woods, on the terrace… yes you get it. A place where you can stop.

2. Syn

The next thing is to limit your field of vision from everything around you to yourself. What do you have to be able to reduce your visual impressions?

  • Dim the lighting
  • Sleeping mask to cover the eyes (yes, looks quirky in a public context but who cares)
  • A point like a tree, a flower, a painting.

3. Touch

The next thing is this with touch. Having something that gives a feeling of calm when you touch it or hold it in your hand. It could be:

  • to have a pillow in your lap
  • have such a stress ball thing in hand
  • a heating blanket
  • be massaged if that opportunity exists
  • hold in a cup of hot tea or coffee

4. sound

The next thing is the sound you have around you. Think about which sound calms you down. It could be:

  • put on tricks with music you like or other sounds you enjoy listening to
  • birds chirping in the garden / forest
  • music without lurking of course
  • guided meditation

5. Fragrance

What you feel for scents is also crucial to your calm. If you sit by a dustbin, you will probably not feel comfortable. It could be:

  • scented candles (I personally can not handle them)
  • fresh air / nature
  • flowers
  • bullar

6. Taste

I do not feel that this point is important every time, but it is not entirely wrong if it is possible. It could be:

  • tea, coffee, hot chocolate
  • eat something you like slowly. So do not throw in the food
  • I have some things I always want to eat when I feel pathetic. they give me a sense of security

These six things give you the opportunity to get into a soothing bubble. Together they create an environment that is immersive and safe and you can find the feeling wherever you are.


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