My teacups: a micro routine

Since you can not see what the cups look like via sound, you can check here in the blog. Each cup has a purpose and thus constitutes a micro-routine. I choose the right cup at the right time and then quickly end up in focus for the task. I think very smart.

The thinker’s cup
I got it from my best friend. It comes from Indian and has such a spotty floral pattern that is typical of Indian. Once upon a time it had an ear but it has long since fallen off. Probably because it has been used so much.

I bring out the thinker cup when I want to be creative. When I need to come up with solutions or to write. When I do work that requires some thought work but is not in the category of administration. It must absolutely not come out when it’s time for finances. Finance is the most boring thing I know. Then rather the champagne glass goes forward to compensate for the boredom.

The owl cup
The pink cup with an owl on it I bring out when it comes to administrative work. Of the more boring kind. As economy the times bubble is not directly suitable to drink. Apparently that is not always the case. Owls are wise, I have heard so it is appropriate. I may need all the help I can get.

Mon amikoppen
I have three mon amikoppar. I had four but yes, one broke. That happens. That cup my husband often gives me tea in. He does not know which cup is for what. That’s all right. I see it as a declaration of love.

I, on the other hand, use the monami cup when I have friends visiting. Of course. Mon ami means my friend. So of course my friends should drink tea or coffee, also have coffee cups, from one.

Make the magic cup
Last year or if it was the year before that I got a cup from a friend. It is white with a gold edge and it says:

I bring it out when I need to put a golden edge on life. If I’m not on top and need some energy. It’s perfect for that. 

The pink pipe beach cup
My pink Swedish Grace is my unpretentious cup. I drink it in the evenings or when I need to let go of the requirements. Then when I’m too tired to be serious and important. Then when everything feels overwhelming and all I want is to lie under the covers and watch netflix.

The 2020 cup
As a Christmas present, I received a super nice tea cup with accompanying dish from my daughter. It also has a golden edge in fact. and small white-pink flowers. Super nice. I immediately named it the 2020 cup. It has my goals for 2020 on its shoulders. When I plan or sit and update my goals or the like then this cup should go ahead. It has room for a treat on its plate, which is very suitable just when you make big plans and find ways to reach the goals.

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