What should you do to form a habit?

This with habits I get questions about just every day. How do you actually form a habit? How do you get it stuck? How do you even get started? What habits do I need to have? Many questions that I have answers to.

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Structure, perseverance & discipline

And I understand. It’s a bit of a jungle and it’s hard but it’s not impossible. Not impossible at all. It’s about structure, perseverance and discipline.

The structure is what you should do and how.
Perseverance is about doing every day (or as often as you decide). Over and over again and start over when you have broken.
Discipline is doing what you do not want. To continue when the motivation is gone.

This thing about forming a new habit is very much about will and stubbornness. If you have decided that this is something you need, I guess it’s important to you. What is important to you, you should act on.

Do not fall for the norm

What I think is important to point out is that what you want and what everyone else wants does not have to be the same. Today we are overwhelmed by what everyone else is doing. Their fantastically beautiful morning routines, smoothies, lunches, nice workout pictures and yes, everything that is about habits. Just because others are doing something does not mean that it is the most important thing for you. Just because the norm in society at the moment says ngt, it is not necessarily true for you.

Today we do not always make decisions based on our own will but on the influence of all the noise we have via our phones. Of course, we have always been influenced by others, but then the group for influence was so much smaller. Today it can be eternal. And the fact that everyone else succeeds… at least on social media… makes it difficult to manage their own humanity.

Form a habit

How does it work then? What should you do to form a habit?

First of all: Decide what kind of habit you need most right now. Is it better to sleep, wake up better, eat better, exercise, write more, read more, write a menu every week, meditate…. What is it you need and feel is important for your life to run more smoothly.

Choose one habit at a time

Starting many habit projects at the same time becomes difficult and reduces your chances of achieving it. Therefore, it is very important that you choose what is most important to you right now and then you drive on it until it sits.

Reduce obstacles

There are always obstacles in the way. Real and made up. Regardless, they are there and messing it up. List what obstacles you have so that you are prepared when they appear. it is easier to overcome them then.

Common obstacles:
time: you have too little time. Something else gets in the way.
laziness: you postpone because you are tired.
Fear: You are afraid of failure before you even start.
the unknown: you do not like what is uncomfortable with the new and you do not know how it will be.

Little by little

If you are going to create a morning routine, we say do not require you to go through your entire well-planned routine the first day. Start by getting up and doing one of the things on the list. 2-5 minutes may be enough at first and increase gradually. There is no need to do everything at once. Rather, it makes it more difficult to implement day after day.

Let it take time

It takes time to form a habit. There are many theories about how long. Some say 21 days and others 66. I think it obviously varies depending on what it is about but it takes time. Do not be sad if it turns out to be difficult and you want to give up. It is included but it can be overcome.


Log how it goes. Check in your calendar that you have done what is to be done for the day. You can create a so-called habit tracker if it includes several different elements in the habit you work with.

Create anchors

An anchor is that you decide that when I get home I will change into training clothes immediately or after I have brushed my teeth I will meditate for 5 minutes. It’s about connecting the plot to something else. Something you already do.

Hold yourself accountable

Tell your partner or friend what you are doing. Someone you can tell how things are going for you on a regular basis. It’s just that we do better if we have someone to answer to. It also gives pepper.

Celebrate your success

Celebrate at regular intervals. Do something you like and remember that it does not have to be advanced. It goes well with a cozy evening in front of the TV with your favorite wine or a coffee with your friend.

This is how it goes when you have to form a habit. Give yourself the opportunity to become really good at something and let it have a positive effect on your life.


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