The Importance of Motivation to Achieve Goals

Humans are second to none. Want to be compared with anything, humans are the most superior in this world. As humans we should be proud that we are special living creatures who are very different from other creatures. Want to say that humans are superior creatures? Of course!

If asked what human power is, everyone will answer brains! That’s right, the brain is a great human power. The brain is like an electric current that powers a house, even cities and countries. But which part of the brain can be the motor to work? To do something? The main drive is motivation at work.

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Motivated Brain

A brain without motivation is a waste. Motivated Brain is the reason a human being ” why do the things you do”. Motivation is a motivator, a driver to take on a challenge in life. These challenges can be in the form of achieving achievements, performance, targets, goals in everyday life. Challenges can be something that comes from outside or from within oneself. Personally we can create personal goals that we want to achieve in life.

In the brain, the system that works for this motivation is a reward system or reward system . What does it mean? People who are very happy when they imagine that they will receive something / a gift for doing an activity or a job are motivated. That something can be an award from the company, a salary increase, KPI, the achievement of goals or an award that comes from oneself if you are successful in everything you do. Our brains automatically calculate the value of the gifts that will be received and finally translate it into action?

Democritus, a Greek philosopher in the 4th century BC was the first to hypothesize that the two basic motives of man are to gain respect and avoid pain. Pain here can mean disappointment, failure or true pain. For example, rather than being sick, he prefers a healthy life and is motivated to have a healthy lifestyle.

The Importance of Feedback in Motivation

Feedback or feedback is also important in increasing motivation. This feedback can indeed have different responses. People who usually think negatively will make feedback as something that weakens motivation. Meanwhile, for people who are always positive, feedback actually strengthens motivation.

Ayelet Fishbach and colleagues, researchers from the University of Chicago, suggest that a key benefit of feedback is whether you believe it contains information about progress toward achieving your goals and enables you to see whether you are getting closer or further away from your goals. . Or it could be fulfilling a commitment to your goals or goals. That way you know how much you value a goal and how strongly you believe you will achieve your goal in the end.

Strong motivation will push you forward even if there are obstacles. Motivation can keep you from moving even when other people around you stop. Strong motivation does not know the word failure. Reinforce motivation now and achieve goals!


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