How To Have Passion To Continue Learning

Yes, that’s the sentence that comes to my mind when thinking about this life process. the word ‘Learn’ according to grandfather’s understanding of google is a process by which we add information to our brain database. This information can be negative or positive depending on where we judge it. Learning is due to the interaction between stimulus and response. With the proliferation of information that continues to grow and continues to increase every second, therefore we must always follow developments by continuing to learn and teach. By continuing to learn, we have indirectly gained new, invisible powers. That is why there is a term “Knowledge Is Power” .

With knowledge we can create various changes and the highest level of learning is when we learn something completely new that we have never experienced before. The most effective way to learn is to frequently seek information by reading, watching educational videos and doing new things every day on a regular basis. You must get out from your comfort zone. When you have decided to get out of your comfort zone and dare to take on the challenge, then you will see the biggest changes in your life and behavior right now.

Get out of your comfort zone!

To get something extraordinary we must be willing to get out of our comfort zone. Because people who have more knowledge and experience will have far more added value and have more potential to survive longer, compared to people who are lazy and do not want to learn. Start to do and learn something new everyday! start from the simplest ,  which used to eat at restaurant A now move to restaurant B, which usually goes home via street A now try new roads, or try learning to cook new recipes. Just have fun and make it a positive habit. As a result, you will get new experience, knowledge, and strength to create change in this world.

However, Knowledge cannot produce   Power  if there is no real action. Knowledge + Action  only produces tremendous power or Power,  and remember to always share the knowledge you have with friends and family, so you will get new knowledge and perspectives too.


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