The True Meaning of Humility

The Meaning of Humility

Humility means:

  1. You realize that you still have many shortcomings and are not the most know-it-all person.
  2. Admit mistakes and then learn from them.
  3. Believing that you can’t do everything by yourself, so you need or need to rely on God and other people.
  4. Willing to understand the other person’s point of view and willing to listen sincerely.
  5. Reducing selfishness and pride from the focus of the word ‘I’ (I am the greatest, I am the most powerful, I am the smartest and I am the other ..) and begin to put the interests of others above their own interests.
  6. Change the attitude of rejection into sympathy and empathy where you begin to think in a balanced way between logic and feelings.
  7. Realize that everything we have in this world is not eternal and everything is a gift from God and also other people.

Note: “Humble with humble 180 degrees has a very different meaning, humble (+) humble (-)”

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So, be a human who has humility , because I really believe and believe that people who have a humble character   will actually be  exalted , while people who continue to boast about themselves and always feel that they are the highest and right, will actually be  humbled . Examples of someone with extraordinary humility: Mahatma Ghandi, Mother Theresa, Grandpa Dobri Dobrev and certainly Jokowi.

Humility” poetry by Taufik Ismail

If you are unable to become a banyan
What stands at the top of a hill
Be a thicket, but a fine grove,
That grows by the lake

If you cannot become a thicket,
Be only grass, but grass that
Strengthens the embankments at the side of the road

If you can’t afford to be a highway,
Be only a small road,
But a path that
Takes people to springs

Not everyone becomes a captain.
Of course there must be a crew member ..
Not the size of the task that makes it high
Low your value
Just be yourself .. Be
best of yourself


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