The classic Snake is integrated into Google Play Games

Few video games are more classics in the mobile sector than the classic Nokia Serpent . Now a new version of one of the best mobile games has been introduced as standard in Google Play Games and is available offline.

Snake: a classic among classics

The Snake game is a classic in the mobile video game sector, thanks to the old Nokia mobile phones. Installed as standard in your devices, you could lose hours and hours simply feeding the reptile, which you had to guide through the screen to eat fruits and grow, preventing it from hitting the walls or with its own body, more and more extensive.

The power of nostalgia is strong and it is not the first time in recent years that we have seen how this game has returned to our lives. Especially noteworthy is its introduction in the Nokia 3310 recovered in recent years, which have been one of the main devices of the new Nokia era. However, you will no longer need a Nokia to play Snake, since from now on it will be integrated into Google Play Games.

Snake in Play Games: you can now play the classic on any Android mobile

As it did with other games before, Google has integrated the classic Snake in Play Games . Access the Play Store to make sure you are updated to the latest version. After that, access the Play Games  application  and it is most likely the first game that appears, so you just have to click on  Play :

Once you play, the launch will be almost instantaneous. A single image will tell you how to play: slide your finger in the direction you want to move the snake. From there, the operation is the classic one : feed the snake, which will grow with each fruit it eats. If you bump into your own body or into a wall, it’s game over. From there, you can try again or quit the game. Also, at the top right you will have a speaker button to activate or deactivate the sounds . The game does not need to be downloaded separately and has the advantage that you can play it offline without any kind of problems. In this way you will always have it available for quick games.


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