How to use the Google Translate integrated in any application

Do you know how to use the Google Translate integrated in any application? We will tell you!You are reading something on your mobile, you see a word in another language that you do not know, you leave the page, you go to the translator … It is much easier if you know how to use the Google Translate integrated into any application!

This possibility will also be very useful if, for example, you chat with people in other languages or if you have work applications on your mobile and you usually communicate that way in another language as well. There may be many reasons and we are going to tell you how this application can make things easier for you.


To learn how to use the Google Translate integrated in any application, the first thing you have to do is download the translator app, the web version is very useful as well, but some functions are not available, so if you use the translator a lot, you will we recommend downloading it.

Once downloaded, follow these steps to integrate the translator into other applications:

  • Enter the app.
  • Click on the menu (the three lines that appear in the upper left).
  • Go to “Settings”.
  • On the next screen, click on “Tap to translate”.
  • Finally activate the “Enable” tab, and voila!

If you have come this far, you already have it enabled, but how do you use it? We will tell you about it in the next point!


Once you’ve enabled the “tap to translate” option, knowing how to translate apps with Google Translate is very easy.

The translator will already be enabled in the background in the applications of your phone. Therefore, if you are for example on WhatsApp, Tinder or Facebook, you will not have to reinstall it. Once this option is selected, it is available for all the apps on the phone.

How does it work? Well, you will only have to select from, for example, a conversation, the word you want to translate, and the translator will open in the background; that is, without closing the app you are in, the icon of the translator will appear superimposed , and if you press it, a window will open directly with the word translated in the language that it has detected and in which you have configured the application.


Knowing how to use Google Translate as a screen translator is as simple as following the steps above. Although, in some cases, it may be tedious or impossible to use this feature. If you want to translate the full screen if you are reading, for example, a news item in another language, or if there are images with embedded text that you want to translate and you cannot select the text with the translator, we are going to tell you two tricks that may be useful to you.

  • The first is to activate the TranslatorGoogle for Google, so if you are browsing or reading something in another language, you will be able to translate the page completely and not have to be looking for words one by one. You just have to click on the three dots in the upper right, look for the translator icon in the drop-down menu and press, so you can translate the entire screen.
  • The second is to translate with the camera: with this function of the translator you will be able to translate everything that appears in it through a screenshot. In this case, for example, if there are images with text, the translator application will not be able to select them one by one, while with the image you will not have this problem. Look here more details about this way of using Google Translate!
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