Square Enix drops Go series for mobile games

Square Enix has confirmed that its GO game series will not receive any more deliveries. Its main franchises have gone through this format to offer premium experiences that have failed to offer benefits.

Square Enix abandons the Go series: it no longer has a place in the market

The GO series of Square Enix adapted the major franchises of the company to the mobile format. Although it only had three games , the truth is that they were very well received at the critical level, functioning at the same time as independent games and as a promotional strategy for Triple A game releases on consoles. All of them followed a similar game model and started at a price of $ 4.99.

It is precisely the price that seems to have marked the destiny of this series. Five dollars for a mobile game seemed expensive to many people, to the point that only a small fraction of users paid for it. As a result, there are hardly any benefits, so it makes no sense to invest in more games from the GO series, which was born in 2014. Currently, the three games are now discounted to € 1.09 each, 80% less than it seems permanent.

Putting the situation in context, it should be remembered that Fortnite – not yet available on Android – is the most popular game at the moment, and it can be played for free on the platforms where it can be downloaded. On mobile, PUBG Mobile is also offered free of charge, and both rely on in-app payments for profit. To this day, this seems the most successful business model and the one that attracts the most male and female players.

All games in the Go series by square Enix

Although no more games will be developed, this series that began in 2014 has three installments based on three of the main franchises owned by Square Enix. Thus, both Hitman and Lara Croft have a GO installment, in addition to Deus Ex. These sagas are true classics of the world of video games, characters that have been with us for many years and that today continue to receive new deliveries on consoles. As we say, although the usual price is 5 euros, they are currently discounted by 80%, which means a cost of € 1.09 per head.


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