The best ranged fighters to play League of Legends: City of Champs

In this article, you will find out about the best ranged fighters you can play as League of Legends.

This type of character is very vulnerable to the slightest changes in the meta, as they are only suitable for one role, while other champions have a lot of options for development. AD carries completely pull the team due to their damage. If you do everything right, then you can safely destroy enemies and turn the game upside down. However, these characters are very dependent on the support they need to get from their teammates, as everyone knows that they are very flimsy and will not be able to survive in the solo lane. If you understand and master this very role, you can increase your chances of winning against other players.

Caitlyn: The Sheriff of Piltover

Thanks to her ranged attacks, Caitlin can calmly fire at all enemies at a distance, and thanks to her ultimate, she takes away any champion with low health. If you do everything correctly, then at the beginning of the game this character will feel very good due to the increased chance of critical damage, which is given when pumping the Headshot skill. Thanks to the good range of attacks and critical hits, you can calmly punish all enemies that come after your head. Once Caitlin gains access to the abilities of Infinity Edge and Statikk Shiv, she will become a thunderstorm for other characters and will be very difficult to kill. Critical hits will be very easy to send to the graves of enemy champions. Due to the huge range of basic attacks, excellent split pushing and zone control with the Yordle Snap Trap, she has a very low botlane loss rate. Katyllne starts to get lost in the middle of the game, but if you do well in the beginning and don’t be greedy at the end, you can win any match without any problems.

Twitch: The Plague Rat

Twitch has an extremely unique playstyle for this character class and will be very well suited to players who like to stand in mid solo. He is a very good assassin and thanks to his Spray and Pray abilities he also turns out to be a very cool hyper carry who can win fights alone if you choose the right positions and keep all the timings. Invisibility allows you to find potential victims for murder, or you can simply explore the entire map with impunity and find enemies, and then punish them along with the arrived partners. Twitch is more suitable for calm players who are ready to spend their time and wait for the perfect moment to destroy the enemy team. Having Twitch on a team has a huge impact on most games.

Draven: The Glorious Executioner

This hero plays very well in the early stages of the game and can intimidate enemies with the help of fire stripes that emanate from his huge ax. The Spinning Axes ability increases attack damage, and also uses a passive that gives bonus gold every time you kill an enemy. His risk-taking and gold-gaining style holds many players back as the character relies on positioning and ignores all forms of withdrawal. Draven is undoubtedly one of the tough champions in qualifying, but if you play your cards right then he will be one of the strongest there too. He has a lot of damage and thanks to his ax he can destroy even tanks very quickly. If you master the ax in team fights, you will become the most formidable player in your city.

Tristana: The Yordle Gunner

Last season, Tristana had a very difficult time, but thanks to the LCS, her playing level has improved significantly. Yordle Gunner has recently come into the spotlight thanks to his character being a great counter pick against Caitlyn, Twitch and Jhin. Tristana is a very safe ADC with high damage, which will give you a lot of fun. She has a decent enough range of attacks and can avoid lethal blows thanks to her Rocket Jump and Buster Shot abilities. Statikk Shiv and Rapid Firecannon allow her to hold up well in mid and improve her Rapid Fire attacks, and towards the end of the game her damage will be the strongest damage in the entire game if you do it right. The above factors make up for the fact that she is a very weak character in the early stages of the game.

Jhin: The Virtuoso

Jin is a carry that does very well in the late game, thanks to the strong pushing of the lanes and the excellent crit chance from Whisper and the ranged CC from Deadly Flourish. He does a lot of damage thanks to the burst, but also this character must focus on wards and fully see the map in order to avoid ganks in his direction, which will undoubtedly be. Jin is a good character, but he has no abilities that will help him get out of the trap. However, the Lotus Trap and Captive abilities give him great zone control, while the Curtain Call ability allows you to slow down and kill enemy heroes. Jin is a hypercarry that will be cool in the later stages of the game and can be of real use in teamfights.

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