Fortnite Newbie Guide

This guide will be helpful for those people who want to start playing Fortnite.

Fortnite is a fun new survival game from Epic Games that offers players a unique experience. Instead of the usual construction of buildings, you will also have to look for resources and complete various tasks, and you will always fight off zombies that fall from the sky and portend the worst that can happen to humanity. In this article, I will go over the basic mechanics of the game and help you figure out the rest of the aspects that you will need to immerse yourself in the game for the first time.

How do I find building materials?

Finding materials is your most important goal in this game and if you want to find the coolest items in the game (Stone, Metal and Wood) then you have to sweat. Stone, Metal and Wood are the main building materials in the game that will be used to build walls and floors. You will need a lot of these materials.

Wood can be easily obtained from trees and other wooden items such as logs and even wooden structures. If you want to find Metal, then I advise you to disassemble pipes or even cars. You can also find metal ore deposits in caves during forest missions, so look around often before heading deeper into the map. You will find a lot of metal during the passage of city missions, when you will disassemble cars and metal pillars. To get a stone, you need to break large boulders. For this you will need an ax. This material can be found on almost any map, but the most common locations are in forests or city outskirts.

How do I update the schema?

Schemes are your main way of acquiring new weapons and these items can be obtained for finding chests while completing a mission or opening containers on the Loot tab in the main menu. From the beginning, you might be tempted to update the schematic, but I would advise you to collect all the necessary components and wait a little longer.

When you improve the scheme, you not only raise the base damage of the weapon, but also spend more resources for crafting. Sometimes my friends had such moments that they almost completely improved the weapon and in the end they had to go to the later stages of the game in order to do further upgrades. And this fact made the scheme useless, so I advise you to avoid such game incidents.

Weapon wear and new weapon crafting

The most interesting stat that Epic Games introduced to Fortnite is the durability stat . Basically, every weapon in the game has a certain degree of durability, and when this parameter drops to zero, the item breaks and you need to use a new one. This means that you must constantly keep an eye on tools and other objects that will come in handy when creating new weapons. Of course, you shouldn’t clog your inventory with all sorts of things that you find during the game, as you have very limited inventory space.

You can check the strength level. To do this, just look at the line to the right of the weapon icon. This line goes from the top and slowly disappears with each use. Most of the weapons in the game have very high durability levels, but heavier weapons (such as RPGs) have much less durability. However, this weapon has unlimited ammo, so you don’t have to spend resources crafting ammunition for the rocket launcher.

It is very difficult to be a newcomer to Fortnite , especially if you don’t understand the basic game mechanics. Therefore, I advise you to read this article very carefully and remember the important points that will be useful to you for the game.

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