Text of the Exemplum (Definition, Characteristics, Structure, Characteristics, and Examples)

This article will provide an explanation of the text of the copy. In order for you to understand the various types of texts that need to be studied, it is good to know in advance about the definition of the text of the copy.

Then, after we know what a text is, we can tread on other discussions that are still related to the text of the exemplum, such as features, structure, and so on. At the end we will give one example from the text of the exemplum, so that we can understand more about the application of the text of the exemplum.

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Understanding the Text of the Exemplum

What is meant by text copy? The text of the exemplum is a reading that has the nature to explain the life experience possessed by a human being. Life experience can also be said as a life experience.

The text of the exemplum is a text that contains or tells about the perpetrator. Text copies can be found, one of which through stories that describe moral values.

Another opinion states that the text of the exemplum is a reading that tells the story of the perpetrators and figures. The introduction of characters is the initial part of the text of the copy, then continued with the events or events experienced by the characters.

Interpretation becomes the last part of the text. This interpretation is to take the meaning implicit in the story experienced by the character. So, in accordance with the previous opinion, the story that contains moral becomes one part of the text of the copy, because it teaches certain values ​​to the reader.

Based on the discussion above, it can be seen that the text of the exemplum is a reading that contains life experiences possessed by an individual. The story conveyed in the text of the exemplum contains a message or message that can be picked by the reader. Then what are the characteristics possessed by the text of the exemplum? You will get the answer in the next discussion.

Characteristics of the Text of the Exemplum

There are several kinds of characteristics of the text that distinguish this type of text from other texts. These characteristics are as follows.

  1. The event told is an undesirable event.
  2. The events conveyed are events that do not happen often in real life.
  3. The event delivered was an event that caused regret for the participant.
  4. The events told contain values ​​that can be suggested to the reader or listener.
  5. Readings in the text of the exemplum, present the author himself in interpretation and koda.

Understanding the characteristics of the text of the copy will make us understand about the type of text that we find in a reading. Understanding the characteristics will not be complete without understanding the structure of the text. This will be explained below.

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Text Structure of the Exemplum

What is the structure of the copied text? You can understand this in the explanation below.

  1. This section is the core of the event which is used as an introduction to describe the event to be told.
  2. This section is the opening part of the story or the beginning of the story.
  3. This section tells about events or unwanted events. In this section contains the problems and problems that are being experienced by the character.
  4. This section is part of the text of the exemplum which contains the meaning and message to be conveyed to the reader about an unwanted event. In this section also, the message conveyed is a moral message and evaluation as well as the consequences arising from actions taken by the character.
  5. Is part of the text of the exemplum that deals with the conclusion of a story.

The explanation above are some of the structures of the text that we must understand. A good text copy must contain the five elements, so that the moral message to be conveyed in the story can be understood and understood by the reader. Then, what are the features of the text of the exemplum? Please look at the next discussion, below.

Characteristics of the Text Exemplum

The text of the exemplum has several characteristics that must be understood by the individual who will make a text. The characteristics possessed by the text are as follows.

  1. The event conveyed, is an event that is not desirable to occur.
  2. The structure that is possessed in the story text is complete. This means that it consists of abstracts, orientations, incidents, interpretations, and codes.
  3. The events conveyed, have a clear sequence, so that they are easy to understand.
  4. The language used is narrative or describes an event.
  5. The behavioral changes that appear by the characters in the story in the text copy appear. Changes in behavior are intended to not make a mistake the same.

The language elements used in the text of the exemplum in the form of verbs, using conjunctions, using reference words, and sentences used, are also complex sentences.

Knowing the characteristics of the text of the exemplum will not be complete, without being accompanied by a concrete example. This is to give us a clearer picture. The next discussion will tell about one example from the text of the exemplum.

Example Texts Exemplum

Below will be presented about one example from the text. Look carefully, the story will be told.

Rabbit and Cat

Starting from a cat that is always alone, when at home. Because he does not have friends who can be invited to joke.

One day the cat was playing at home with its employer. Cats are very spoiled by their employers. He is always given his favorite foods in a timely manner. He was never once starved.

Until one day, the employer was busy with his new job. The cat is rarely invited to play as usual. Every time the cat approaches, “meow … meow” the employer always says “wait, I’m busy”. The cat keeps trying to approach its owner, every day. Hoping someday the employer invites him to play.

But the cat’s efforts are in vain, the employer continues to be busy with his work and the cat continues to feel lonely. Finally, the cat prefers to be alone in his favorite room, in one corner of the living room.

Cats always look at their employers who pass by, hoping to be invited to joke. Unfortunately, all that was in vain. Until one day, the employer brought a cat, a new friend. A rabbit. The cat tries to approach the new friend and hopes to be invited to play together

Gradually, the rabbit accepted the presence of cats and they often joked together. As if, the rabbit was able to comfort the cat who felt lonely, because the employer had never invited him to play.

In life we ​​need other people to give us happiness and share happiness in friendship.

Some of the explanations and examples above give us an idea of ​​the text of the exemplum. Hopefully the presence of this article can provide benefits for all of us to learn and make it easier for you to do the assignments given by the teacher. You can also study the material Understanding and Characteristics of Novels,  Happy learning

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