Sample Appointment Letter

When an agency, organization or institution carries out an activity, an authorized or responsible person is required to manage the activity. Therefore, it is necessary to appoint someone or the authorized party officially.

In such cases, a letter of appointment is required. Letter of appointment is a type of letter whose contents contain the appointment or granting of power or authority to a person or certain party to handle a certain work.

This appointment letter can be used to appoint someone or a party to carry out a certain task along with their authority and responsibilities.

The letter of appointment must contain complete and clear data about the data of the person / party appointed, the party who appoints, the duties or authorities or powers granted and other necessary provisions.

For clarity, it can be seen in the example of the existing appointment letter. The following is an example of an appointment letter that can be used as a reference. This sample appointment letter contains the duties and rights for printing a book.

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Example of an appointment letter

Based on the evaluation results of the proposal that you sent to me, then through this letter I declare your agreement to APPOINT YOU:

1 Name : Lilia Adriana
Position : Director of CV. Book Library
Address : Jalan Gajah Mada No. 11, Jogjakarta
2 Name : Wibisono Handoko
Position : Head of Marketing CV. Spread the Book
Address : Jalan Mataram Raya No. 99, Yogyakarta


Procurement, printing, publishing and marketing of the 2016 Edition of the Big Indonesian Dictionary Book as a result of the study by the Jogja Institute of Language Smart Language Team.

Each reprint can only be carried out by notifying or reporting in advance the capacity / number of copies to be printed.

Other provisions relating to the aforementioned matters will be regulated in separate contacts and regarding changes to the provisions stipulated in the agreement, can only be implemented with the consent of the licensee.

Thus this Appointment Letter is made, please use it accordingly. Thank you for your attention.

Wassalamu ‘Alaikum Wr. Wb.

Jogjakarta, 15 September 2016

Which designates:

Head of the Language Center Team

Jogja Language Smart Institute



Suwito Warjoyo

In accordance with the original ones

shown to me,

Yogyakarta, 15 September 2016



Radi Maridi, SH

Yogyakarta Notary Public

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