Terror is a very intense feeling of fear . Fear is defined as a distressing disturbance of the mind by a real or imaginary risk; When fear has already passed the brain controls and the subject cannot think rationally, terror appears.


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  • 1 Terminology
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  • 3 Disorders it generates
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According to the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy (DRAE) [8] fear is the “distressing disturbance of the mind due to real or imagined risk or damage”. The word comes from the Latin metus , which has an analogous meaning. Like all emotions, graduation admits, and thus Julio Casares’s ideological dictionary establishes some associated terms, such as fear, suspicion, apprehension, funk, fright, dread, terror, horror, phobia, fright, alarm, danger or panic.


A single cause is not recognized. Different factors are invoked in its production. In the case of children, it seems to be linked to factors related to biological maturation and child development. The visualization of programs, films and video or computer games, with these contents, can favor their appearance and also perpetuate them.

Disorders it generates

Terror can generate cold sweating, paralysis of the body and, in the most extreme cases, death from cardiac arrest . The key to controlling fear and terror is self-control. The psychologists recommend trying to breathe slowly and try to put the mind blank.

Terror and cinema

On the other hand, terror is a literary and cinematographic genre , which brings together those works that seek to cause fear in the recipient. This is how they appear, for example, with horror stories written by authors like Edgar Allan Poe or Stephen King , or with horror movies like Friday the 13th . (Friday the 13th or Tuesday the 13th, depending on the country)


Consult your doctor to identify the factors that may be promoting this behavior and its proper treatment.


This political conception of terror led to state terrorism , which occurs when those who occupy state power use repressive and unconstitutional methods to impose a dictatorship and have absolute control of society .


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