Rain is wonderful, and besides being a reflective moment, it brings many benefits to our daily life.

There are parts of the world where people are tired of seeing rain, water and storms, but in others, it is a blessing and they wait almost all year, to be able to attend this phenomenon. It is clear that extremes are never good, but today we will give you some notions about why rain is good for you and for the world around you.

Let’s see what they are and then we will go into detail …

  1. Skin hydration
  2. Hair care
  3. Cleans and purifies the air
  4. Improve our mood
  5. Regulates the ambient temperature
  6. Provides nutrients to plants
  7. Improve personal relationships


We already know that when it rains, not only do you get wet if you are under running water, but the whole environment has a high percentage of humidity. This climatic condition provides nutrients to the skin , which purify pores of dirt and accumulated impurities.

Be careful with the first waters that fall. Initially they will lower contaminated particles from the environment, dirt and pollution. Once the atmosphere is clean of these particles, we will begin to receive clean drops, even better than we can get it out of the shower faucet!

One more thing … If we let the drops fall directly on our skin, we will receive a light, free natural massage that will improve our circulation . We will be sending our brain a message of pleasure and well-being .

Dance in the rain!

It is important to take advantage of rainy days to combat dehydration on very hot, cold or windy days.

But how do you know if it is going to rain today or tomorrow? 


Yes, we already know that you have just come out of the hairdressing salon, where you have spent more than “100 bucks”, and that the humidity of the environment makes your hair stand on end.

Keep in mind that the rain water is completely pure , and allows your hair to eliminate all those toxic substances, which have accumulated throughout the day. Let the hair get wet with the falling water, this will make it grow healthier , smoother and stronger .

It is no coincidence that in the countryside and rural areas, people collect rainwater for their own use. In addition to saving money, this practice brings many benefits to the body , skin and hair .

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The water that falls from the sky eliminates all those toxic substances, suspended in the air. By breathing this oxygen, we are inhaling contaminated particles , which increase the chances of respiratory diseases such as asthma, bronchitis, emphysema, pneumonia and allergies, among others.

If we are exposed to humid temperatures, we will breathe purer air, therefore, we will be benefiting our state of health , in a healthy and natural way. Our body will be better, with more strength and more energy.

Sometimes, it happens to see in big cities, a smog cloud that affects breathing and visibility. You can see how this smoke screen disappears after periods of rain, winds and showers.

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There are people who like rain, others who are saddened and others who are discouraged. As a general rule, this climatic condition stimulates us that melancholic streak in which we begin to post phrases on Facebook of lost friends, ex-boyfriends and distant relatives.

As we mentioned previously, rainwater improves the environment and the oxygen we breathe. It revitalizes us by providing new nutrients to the skin and expands our lungs, recharging us with energy. We eliminate tension, fatigue, muscle and headaches.

Now more and better!

In addition, the rain regenerates the natural environment, therefore, after a good storm, we have that “end point” feeling. It is like a new small beginning that fills us with positivity and the desire to do things.

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Rainfall helps make the ambient temperature less “extreme”, both in the cold months and in the stifling heat.

In winter and during the freezing months , the rain slightly increases the temperature. The rainy weather enhances the heat level providing a more pleasant real thermal sensation. In the event that the thermometer marks a level below 0ºC, it will be positively affected and a slight increase in temperature will be noted.

In summer , during the dry and stressful months , it is important to receive a good summer storm every so often. Although these last a few hours, and ruin our beach days, they will bring freshness to the environment , completely regenerating the atmosphere. It will even make all the dust and sand in the air go down, leaving us an oxygen free of impurities to breathe better.

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The oxygen , the sun and water are vital for plants and trees (also for humans or animals).

Rainwater, as we have already explained above, is rich in natural nutrients, it is pure and clean. Contrary to the water that we can take from our toilets, to water the plants, it does not have lime or fluorine , two pollutants present in tap water that can harm the growth of the leaves.

If you want to have some nice, sparkling flowers at home, take the pots out to the balcony on rainy days. You will not need chemical or revitalizing fertilizers because the humidity of the environment and the fall of the particles will provide everything necessary for your “companion” to grow healthy and strong.

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The rain does well! It regenerates and physically improves us. It is good to be in the rain or in open environments during storms, but realistically, no one will stay in the rain for an hour, just for the benefits it brings.

Who has not been hypnotized, looking out the window, during a day of thunder and lightning?

The “bad weather” forces us to stay home . On many occasions, it may sound like something negative, but really, it can be interpreted as time to spend with loved ones . Whether it is your family, your partner or your roommate, the weather will recruit you to spend time with these people.

It does not mean that everything is limited to being locked in your room, but that we have the possibility of doing those things that we would not do on a good sunny day. Read a good book near the fireplace, prepare delicious meals with your mother, watch a horror movie with your children eating popcorn, … There are countless activities that are best done on rainy days. The more water falls and the worse the weather is, the closer we will get to our loved ones.

Love the rain and whoever enjoys it with you!

With this phrase we close the topic. In addition to the real physical benefits , we must have the emotional aspect that characterizes us personally. A good mental state can affect our life in a spectacular way.

The rain makes us feel better for many reasons, choose yours and soak up well during those stormy nights.

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