5 waterfalls in Cuenca that will impress you

This winter is being a real delight for lovers of nature and hiking, the rains of the last few weeks leave us with streams and rivers overflowing with water in many parts of the province, the flows are recovering from the drought of recent months and even years, the reservoirs fill and even overflow, and the rivers show their wildest face in the waterfalls and streams that they save on their way to the sea.

Today we are going to show you some of the most impressive waterfalls in the province of Cuenca.

Molor de la Chorrera waterfall

From the town of Tragacete in the direction of the San Blas hostel we find this wonderful waterfall that forms the Júcar river in its upper course, a few kilometers from the area where it is born on the San Felipe hill, for many people this waterfall is known as the birth of the Júcar, although it is located a little higher.

The waterfall presents water at all times of the year, although it obviously varies with the flow carried by the Júcar river, it is an ideal complement to the visit to the Cuervo river and it also presents a totally calm and recommended botanical walk on the banks of the river.


La Horca Well Waterfall

In the town of Cañete and in the area known as El Postigo, we find this wonderful waterfall. On the way until we meet her, we will see the wonderful sculptures of the illustrated landscape of Luís Zafrilla, which we have already mentioned in an entry in our blog.

The Tinte river shows us in this waterfall an authentic fairytale corner, with strong waters, mosses and tuffs in the surroundings, which transport us to a distant place, however we are a few meters from the beautiful medieval town of Cañete.


La Tobilla Waterfall

If it is true that the Cuervo river is also magnificent during these days, some of its tributaries are not far behind, it is the case of the La Tobilla stream, which we find in the town of Vega del Codorno, once all its neighborhoods have passed and In the direction of Santa María del Val, we will find this gem, in which the force of the water is heard from several meters before arriving, once we approach the main waterfalls we will enjoy the tranquility and relaxation of a unique place.


Trabaque river waterfall in the Dehesa de los Olmos

At the end of Las Majadas, in the recreational area known as the Fuente de la Tía Perra, the PNSC 01 trail begins, which leads us through a beautiful oak, juniper and holly forest and that reveals us, in the viewpoint of the bookstores , one of the highest waterfalls that we find in the province of Cuenca, the one that forms the Trabaque river very close to its source and that, in years of rain, creates a unique effect with the great fall of water in an area of ​​planked limestone they have a unique shape.


Corbatón Mill Waterfall

Again, the abandoned remains of an old mill, transport us to what was once one of the main uses of the people of the area gave to this force of mountain rivers and streams. In this case it is the waters of the Cuervo River itself that form this thunderous waterfall, which is located between the town of Vega del Codorno and Santa María del Val, also a permanent waterfall but with a wonderful force of water on days of heavy rain and thaw, a landscape that deserves to be visited at least once in a lifetime.

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