Do you know how life is enjoyed?

Have you stopped to think how to enjoy life with happiness? The answer is very simple: trying. It may sound like a truism, but it’s the truth. Each person searches for their own formula, in one way or another, although the reality is that many times they get lost along the way or they don’t even try.

Enjoy life or be successful?

We don’t have to go wrong with the word success , which can be defined as the happy result of a performance. According to this, we understand happiness as a state of mind that is achieved with success in one or more areas of our life but for each person they can mean different things.

For some, success will consist of raising a family and living idyllically with their children; for others, being the director of a multinational or setting up a recognized business ; while many others aspire to live carefree.

You can listen, study, or learn hundreds of tips to enjoy life, from friends, family, colleagues or teachers. But more important than studying them, the vital thing is to have the chance to have enjoyed them.

For this reason, Pedro Amador, an engineer and one of the greatest experts in happiness, draws on his own experience and shares with us the best advice for enjoying life, all lived in first person.

10 tips to enjoy life

Although Pedro, skeptical of the “canned tips” always reminds us that it is best to adapt each one to our reality. Reflecting on them personally every morning is the best way to enjoy life in a healthy and energetic way.

  1. Live, remember you breathe. It is important to remember that you are alive every second.
  2. Dream, cultivate your illusions. Only the dead stop dreaming.
  3. Share, you are not alone. Many people will share your dreams and perhaps you have not been able to find them.
  4. Smile, everyone wins. When you share your smile, a world of possibilities opens up around you.
  5. Feel, show gratitude to life. Smile at new thoughts and emotions.
  6. Listento yourself Then, around you, without believing everything they tell you.
  7. Take action, consistent with what your insides say. With courage, decision and common sense.
  8. Respect, as a way of loving yourself and acting with others. From admiration and without envy.
  9. Learn, give yourself permission to be wrong. Respect the learning of life.
  10. Enjoy, before it’s too late. Maybe you’re not alive tomorrow.

Yes, okay, it’s very easy to talk about these things, but where do I start?  The most useful thing is to start with improving your relationship with yourself , so you can listen and listen to your body to know better what you need, and gradually expand the activities that will make you enjoy life.

As an entrepreneur you already know that you set the limits, do you dare to enjoy life?


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